Which Products Help You Avoid Excessive Sweating

Sweating is a natural body function. Sweating is a process that regulates body temperature. Excessive sweating though can interfere with a person’s personal and social life. Hyperhidrosis is a condition where an affected person sweats uncontrollably. The sweating of the armpits, the palms of the hands, face and the soles of the feet is not controllable even if the individual is not hot.

Excessive sweating is already an irritation but what would be more embarrassing is when an unwanted odor is produced when the perspiration gets in contact with the bacteria in the skin. Embarrassment arising from excessive sweating can be prevented. People that suffer from hyperhidrosis use products like antiperspirant and deodorants.

The condition of hyperhidrosis cannot be entirely cured, but there are several types of deodorants available to help in excessive sweating. Aluminum Chloride is the sweat-stopping ingredient in antiperspirants and deodorants. The reason why some deodorants cannot efficiently resolve profuse sweating is that they contain lesser amounts of aluminum chloride. The best deodorant for sweating, therefore, is one that has higher levels of this compound and everyone wants the best deodorant to assist in such conditions.


Deodorant is then needed to eliminate the odor. The skin becomes acidic due to the alcohol content of deodorants. Underarm odors, as well as the unpleasant odors of the hand and the feet, are masked by the fragrance of deodorants.


Antiperspirants are used to reduce excessive sweating. The aluminum-based compound in antiperspirants block the sweat pores temporarily thus the amount of sweat that is produced is reduced. Sweat does not have an odor, but once it gets in contact with the bacteria in the skin, an unpleasant odor is produced.

Below is a list of proven deodorants that help in the reduction of excessive sweating and also an improvement in daily odor;

1. Odaban

Odaban has been around for more than thirty years and has successfully treated excessive sweating time after time again. The purpose of Odaban is to stop sweating at the source by partially clogging the sweat glands. When you block these sweat channels, commonly known as pores, it prevents your body from producing excess sweat. Odaban can even be used on a long-term basis or even during pregnancy because no harmful materials are absorbed into the body.

2. Certain Dri

Certain Dri is termed as the milder product compared to other deodorants. Instead of going for the stronger products, it is preferable to start with this milder version after reading certain dri reviews and gradually graduate to using the other more active ones on it’s failing you to give satisfactory results. It comes with a higher percentage of aluminum chloride, considered to be of clinical strength.

3. Maxim deodorant

They are facial wipes which are most dependable for those who continue to bear facial sweating. They are very convenient to use and contain mild topical deodorant that can safely be applied on the face. You are only required to wipe your face with it, and it blocks your sweat pores reducing cases of face sweat.