Which Door Lock Should You Be Installing

Which are the best smart locks for your home security

The booming lock technology is quickly doing away with the need to carry keys but providing a much more reliable and safer alternative. There is no more need to lock yourself out of your houses after losing your keys and getting a locksmith to open the door for you. Smart technology makes use of locks that work using Bluetooth, pin codes, biometrics or even radio frequency identification using key cards for entry, as detailed by the variety available at http://mysecurelocks.com/.

Here are a four different kinds of electronic locks that have gained popularity in the market for residential security and gives an insight into which door lock you should be installing :

1. SoHoMiLL YL 99 Keyless Electronic Keypad Lock :

This electronic keypad lock is one of the more simpler designs and comes in a very affordable price of $50. Even though it does not offer high end functions such as touch screens or Bluetooth connectivity, it is a solid lock that that is affordable and is a step up from having to install traditional key locks.

The door provides the highest security for the lowest price and locks the door 3 seconds after the person enters the room. It works well for both right and left hinged doors and is completely tamper proof. It can store a master code, a passage code and 8 user codes which can be controlled using the master code.

2. Schlage Camelot Touch screen Deadbolt :

One of the more premium quality electronic locks, the Schlage Connect boasts the highest lock security rating and has an inbuilt audible alarm sensor that provides information on anyone who opens the door, an auto locking feature and a finger print resistant touch screen.

The Schlage Camelot can be connected to the home automation products and products a loud beep when someone enters the house. The lock can store up to so lock codes and is priced at $199. Anyone who forgets the user code can use the master code to enter the house.

3. Samsung SHS-P718 Digital Door Lock :

One of the more expensive but highly secure lock systems is the Samsung SHS-P718 that offers entry either using a pin, fingerprints or an RFID key card to enter the home. This lock is quite popular since it integrates with Samsung’s smart home solutions such as security sensors, video cameras and so on.

The products can be accessed through an app which also provides information about visit check ins, notifications and more. The lock is ideally designed for doors with handles instead of knobs. The SHS-P718 has a steep price of $400 but provides maximum security and surveillance for homes.

4. August Smart Lock :

This smart key lock provides better security and access using iOS and Android devices by replacing the single cylinder deadbolts with a motorized deadbolt. Installation is very easy and it requires 4 AA batteries for operations. An smart lock can be controlled by an app which reminds the owner to change batteries and also allows authorization for certain users to enter the house.

All the functionalities are communicated via a secure Bluetooth connection. One unique feature of this lock is that it can be locked on the inside of the door so it cannot be tampered with and has a keyless, sophisticated design. Although the lock is priced at $199, an upgrade which hikes the price up to $249 lets the user control the Smart Lock using an Apple watch via Apple’s HomeKit app.

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