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Exercise like Chris Evans

Captain America and Superman are superheroes in a fictitious universe, complete with superhuman strength, not to mention superpowers. But Chris Evans, best known for his role as Captain America and Henry Cavill, The Man of Steel have trained to look like real life superheroes. How do they do it? What is their secret? What areĀ chris evans workout tips? Let’s take a look…

Combination of training and diet

The first thing to know for both of these men, is it takes dedication and hard work to get to the physique they have respectively built. Those things coupled with high protein diet and some serious weight lifting, and you too can bulk up into superhero status.

Chris Evans’s tips

Chris Evans always loved going to the gym, but the sessions he put in to build that bulk were nothing like he had done before, often throwing up after the workouts. His training included focusing on every part of the body on a different day. Monday was shoulders, Tuesday was chest, etc. By focusing on just one section of the body at a time, you can build up muscle on muscle for that superhero look.

Evans also explains that he would use different hand grips and angles on what would look like the same exercise to the untrained eye. Instead of cardio, he focused on circuit training, as well. Cardio can help you lose weight, and undo all the bulking up Evans was accomplishing. By doing circuit training, he would get the benefit of cardio, but still be focused on weights.

Henry Cavill’s tips

The Man of Steel wasn’t always made of hard muscle, at least in Henry Cavill’s case. The British actor henry cavill workout are extremely hard in order to fully embody the Man of Steel. He was doing front squats, a 310 pound bar on his shoulders when his muscles froze. His knees were buckling, his ass on the ground and instead of throwing the bar off and quitting, he closed his eyes and with a look of incredible, almost impossible effort, he began grinding his way to a standing position, completing the fourth set of squats. THAT, my friends, is Superman.

Another piece to the puzzle that Cavill swears by is sleep. It is impossible for your body to recover from intense workouts without at least 9 hours of sleep per night. This is when the healing and muscle building takes place in order for you to do it all over again tomorrow. It is the most overlooked part of getting the most out of your workouts.

The key points that Captain America and Superman want you to keep in mind during your own workouts is to always push a little bit harder than you did yesterday. Be sure to eat a healthy, high protein diet, and get plenty of sleep. Without these basic tenets, it is near impossible to build muscles like Evans and Cavill. Take their advice and become your own real life superhero as others.

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