Safe baby travel cribs and what to look out for

Perhaps you have your nursery beautifully decorated, with all the accessories your baby could need, and right in the center, adorned with wonderful fabrics, bows and sheets, is their crib. Well, that’s great, but what happens when you want to go and visit grandma? How about that camping trip, visit the park, or a well-deserved vacation? Bringing safe travel cribs with you is not an option. In this article, you will know more about Safe baby travel cribs and what to look out when you are buying?

Crib Standards

There are some things that are not options for your baby’s crib. These have developed over the years to ensure the safety of your baby.

Check crib Safety

Make sure that the crib you are considering buying has been through the right quality checks and have been approved by the Products Manufacturing Association. You should ensure that you have the warrant of the product you bought. Always buy from a licensed seller or manufacturers.

Mattress Height

Many cribs can allow you to change the height of the mattress based on the size of your baby.


You don’t want a crib that wobbles and can dump your baby out. Make sure the crib you are buying is stable.

Standard Frame Size

You want a crib frame to fit a standard mattress that measures about 51.75 inches long and 27.75 inches wide. The mattress needs to fit the frame. This is important for the safety of your child.

Find Portable light Cribs

This type is a life saver with to the young child. These are smaller than most cribs and can be converted to a playpen when the baby is not sleeping. The crib portion is usually a mess bassinet piece that fits in the upper portion. It is also great for changing diapers. These are great when you travel. Staying in hotels can be a hassle when you don’t have the crib with you. Sleeping in the car seat is not always the best solution. Having the portable or travel crib can make life easier. This is true even when staying with family. If you get the ones that are designed for multipurpose such as playpens or play yards, you get the best of all worlds. You don’t have to carry multiple contraptions with you. Space is usually important which means if you can get one item to serve as a bed, playpen, changing table, and a sense of being at home, you should grab it.

Never use a crib where any piece is torn whether it is wood or mesh. There should not be any loose pieces to a crib and all mattresses should be in good condition and not torn. There are some great models available that assemble quicker than the pop-up travel cribs, but offer the strength of a pack n’ play. Usually, there are some compromises to consider: they may be heavy or expensive. However, many people find that the compromises offer them the exact travel crib they’re looking for, so make sure you shop around!