Rules of toiletries in hand luggage for travelling purposes

With the Christmas holidays coming to an end people everywhere are starting to plan their summer holiday, or a weekend away. It gives you some joy as you get back into work and routine. It can be a stressful experience packing and going through airports so it’s important to be prepared especially when it comes to your suitcases, learning the rules of the airport, making sure there are no hidden fees or immigration policies and avoiding any troubles as you pass through security desks into the baggage claim area.

Can I Take Toiletries in Hand Luggage: The Approved and Restricted Items

Before you start sorting clothes take some time to know about your hand luggage as incorrect items can delay your travel or incur extra expenses. The first thing to sort out is your liquids. Now, this is everything from shampoo and conditioner to pastes, gels, toothpaste, creams and more. All of these will need to be placed in a 100ml bottle, if you have difficulties working out the size it states it clearly on posters throughout the airport and websites, plus local retailers will sell packs with this size for you to use. These bottles then need to be placed in a plastic clear bag so the staff can clearly see and scan the products.

Approved items

Here are some of the most popular approved items, again remembering they should be kept at 100ml in bottles only. Drinking beverages, such as water or juices, toiletries, and cosmetics including mouthwashes, tubes of toothpaste, gels, face wash, foams and spray deodorants. Beauty products from mascara and eyeliner to lip gloss and shaving foam. There are miniature size shampoos available for purchase if you find that solution easier. Avoid over packing the plastic bag as everything needs to be displayed clearly and with no fear of spillage.

The restricted items in all airports

Here is the list you need to avoid at all costs when traveling. Knives and sharp objects, it could be a penknife, hunting or kitchen cutlery, they are dangerous and will be disallowed each time. Large matches and lighters are also putting yourself and other passengers at risk, leave them at home. Those customers who play sports should avoid packing bats, darts, firearms, crossbows or anything related to martial arts. Leave them at home or simply use equipment at the local sports center your traveling near.

Some exceptions to the rules

Like every good rulebook, there are some exceptions and the same goes for travelers. The liquid rule seems to create the most fuss amongst passengers so you should be happy to know if your circumstances mean the liquid is for dietary purposes then a bottle larger than 100ml will be accepted. This also applies for medical reasons and mothers who are traveling with infants and young children. Make sure you discuss either when making a booking or with an officer at the airport your reasons and evidence to back it up. This avoids any unnecessary mistakes and trouble.