Rainy Day Survival: How to Make Your Dog Comfortable During a Rainy Day Walk

Walking your dog each day has a lot of benefits for both the pet parent and the dog itself; here are a few of them:

•    It helps strengthen the bond between the dog and the pet parent.
•    It helps in the overall health for both the dog and the pet parent.
•    It helps improve socialization; including socialization between your dog and other dogs at the park.
•    It helps overcome dog boredom and improve mental health.
•    It helps boost your dog’s senses – sight, smell, and hearing.

However, walking your dog under the sun or under good weather isn’t always the only thing you need to think about but walking your dog during a rainy day is another thing to consider too; here are a few reasons why you should try to walk your dog during the rainy day once in a while:

  • Boost their confidence.Dogs are innately afraid of bad weather; primarily, they would seek warm, dry, and safe refuge. However, making them learn to love the rain will help them boost their confidence, especially during critical weather moments.
  • It will help them alleviate their hate in taking baths. One of the tiring times as a pet parent, particularly a dog owner, is making your dog take their baths. Making your dog love the rain will help you make them love taking baths too.

The problem is, not all pet parents like the idea of making their dogs walk when raining because of their fear of getting their dogs sick. To be honest, according to the professionals, there is nothing wrong with walking the dog in the rain; however, it should be done properly to avoid possible health problems. Here are a few ways on how to make your dog feel comfortable during rainy day walk:

1. Let your dog wear appropriate rain gear

One of the basic, yet necessary things you should do to make your dog feel comfortable under the rain is making them wear necessary rain gear; this may include the following:

•    Pet umbrellas
•    Canine raincoats
•    Canine rain boots

If you are unable to find some reliable rain gear in midst of too many options available in the market today, try to get real reviews you can trust at Cozy Stream’s official website.

2. Reward your dog after the rainy walk

Reinforcement will make your dog enjoy a rainy day walk; so, always prepare some treats after a short walk under the rain.

3. Make sure to shorten their walk time

While your dog is well-prepared walking under the rain, you should also consider that dogs – no matter how obliged your dogs are – they easily get uncomfortable under the rain. So, make sure to shorten the time they need to walk. However, if it is just a light shower, let your dog enjoy the moment; just don’t forget to dry your dog afterward to avoid making him catch cold.

Final Thoughts

Dogs are vulnerable too – even if it is just a rain; however, you can make them learn to love that kind of weather to boost their confidence, health, socialization, and more. If you need additional details on best ways to make your dog cozy under a rainy day, try to visit Cozy Stream’s website.