Know How To Choose The Right Electric Scooter

Due to the increase in the cost of oil, it is nothing new that people are going for car alternatives. Some go for hydraulic cars, and some go for those rechargeable vehicles. But the greatest alternative to cars is scooters, to be specific electric scooters.

As the popularity of electric scooters begins to increase, suppliers have made a lot of changes to their items and keep of making changes to ensure that the customer demand reached. Usually, these changes are improvements, but mostly they are just new designs. If pulse performance scooter reviews are correct, these changes will go on and make electric scooters the most modern vehicles within the next ten to fifteen years.

How much does an electric scooter cost

Due to the customer demand, these electric scooters have become very affordable now. Back in my time, a scooter costs three times more than what is costs now. That’s expensive! Due to its affordability mostly even can afford to buy a scooter for three-hundred dollars.

Don’t worry; you’re not risking quality over price. These cheaply priced scooters include the finest and newest technologies that are available. These include new safety improvements such as headlights, brake lights, and signal indicators also.

Have you ever thought of going for a conversion scooter?

A conversion scooter is a scooter that has a seat which can remove. You may ride it either sitting down or standing up. Just attach its seat then you’re off. There are still various kinds of cheap electric scooters to choose from. Some scooters may just be the best for you it just depends on your needs or wants.

Now, how about speed? Manufacturers had thought of that before you did so do not worry. Even those cheap variations of scooters can go as high as twenty-five to thirty miles per hour. Of course, this also depends on how heavy the weight is for the scooters and where you’re traveling to. Wrapping it up, the word cheap does not describe the scooter itself but only the price.

How To Repair An Electric Scooter

Every machine needs maintenance and repairs, and an electric scooter is not an exception to this. Of course, as compared to a gas powered scooter the amount of maintenance required for an electric scooter is much less but needs care just like every vehicle.

Gas powered vehicles machines are complex systems with so many things to look after on the other hand an electric scooter is a very simple device. A person with little knowledge of electrical circuits can repair it on his own without any need to look for a mechanic. But if knowledge of electrical circuits is not there, many options are available.

If you have an electrical scooter in need of repair, the first thing you can do is take it to a standard mechanical workshop and ask for help. Since normal gas powered scooters also have electrical circuits in them, every mechanic will have at least some basic knowledge about circuits.

If they refuse to repair it you can only ask the manufacturer of the electric scooter regarding any special workshops where such electric vehicles are repaired. Since selling electric regular is a business for them it is strong possibility that they have special tie-ups with workshops around the country to service their scooters.

Depending upon the kind of repair your scooter may need a week or for minor repairs just a few hours. Sometimes it is just a matter of charging the battery (if you don’t charge it regularly) ad it’s ready to drive again.

However, it is necessary to understand that “prevention is the best cure.” Daily use your electric scooter and don’t forget to charge it regularly too. If you are way for a few days from your home, you can carry it with you or store in way that it is safe from moisture. Normally it is advisable to look for repair shops before you buy an electric scooter bur since these machines are not complicated, they can be fixed easily without much expenses on your part.

How Do Anti Snoring Pillows Help You Sleep Better

Memory foam anti snore pillow is such a kind of pillow which is specially designed for those people who sleep on their back and have got the problem of snoring. The anti snore pillow helps people with their snoring problems. As sleeping on your back aggravates the snoring, this is a very special kind of pillow that is made in such a way that encourages the sleeper to turn his head to his side instead of sleeping on his back in order to prevent snoring. The anti snore pillow is available in the market in a wide variety of sizes, colors, designs and shapes and you may choose the one suit your budget and needs. The article below will help you consider how anti snoring pillows work.

Improves Your Quality Of Sleep

The memory foam anti snore pillow improves quality of sleep and clears your breathing airways. By using the memory foam anti snore pillow you will always remain relaxed and refreshed for the whole day because of taking much deeper and very comfortable sleep. These anti snore pillows are made up of different kinds of fabric and materials but all such anti snore pillows serve the same purpose that is to make sure that while sleeping, user is lying in the way that the passage through which the air passes remains wide open that helps user breathe easily, comfortably and deeply.

Some Advantages Of Using Memory Foam Anti Snore Pillow

Memory foam anti snore pillow is the safest solution to your snoring problem, as it has no side effects. The use of this pillow maintains normal pressure of blood within your body. Being very inexpensive, the pillow is capable of solving the snoring problems of a large number of people. The pillow is very convenient and easy to use like a regular pillow. As the pillow hasn’t got any kind of side effects, you can use it even if you have undergone any surgery. This pillow prevents sleep apnea and lets you breathe uninterruptedly while sleeping. This magical pillow also relieves anxiety, headache and pain in the jaw and neck.

Bad Effects Of Snoring

The snoring badly affects your relationship with your sleeping partner because this problem sometimes keeps you partner awake all the night. Thus, your partner starts feeling bad about you and you become very irritating to him/her. Your habit of snoring is not merely annoying and irritating to the people around you because scientific research has proved that snoring may also be damaging to your health. Number of pauses in breathing, while sleeping is sometimes the symptom of OSA which stands for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. OSA is likely to cause diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. If you want to avoid anything like OSA then you have to make sure you don’t snore while sleeping. And snoring can only be 100% avoided by using the memory foam anti snore pillows. The pillow provides the most reliable snoring solutions.

They Are For Your Snoring Problem

The memory foam anti snore pillows has been designed to address your problem of snoring; the pillow positions your head to your side. The pillow keeps you away from stiffness, neck pains, headaches and morning pains that are caused by sleeping in a wrong position. This pillow is very cheap and affordable. It lets you breathe more easily and comfortably. The use of this awesome pillow keeps you refreshed throughout the day. The pillow has no harmful effects, you may use with great ease. It gives you quality of sleep and keeps you away from harmful effects of poor sleep. Snoring solutions of the pillow are magnificent as they give uninterrupted breathing while sleeping.


How Do Adult Coloring Books Help Dealing With Stress

Nowadays Adult Colouring books have made to the bestsellers on amazon and since the first adult colouring book was published there has been a trend that many people are actually getting into our of their life a time for this Adult colouring books.

Asking from therapist views art therapy is the name which basically intends indulgency into a creative art makes anxieties and stress go away. Art therapy according to American Art therapy association “”explore feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts, foster self-awareness, manage behavior and addictions, develop social skills, improve reality orientation, reduce anxiety and increase self-esteem.”. Yet art therapy is not only about learning and improving yourself — it’s a means of personal expression, too.


When practiced its considered equivalent to meditation. And needless to say there are hundreds of benefits to meditation. But colouring an adult book that actually has sexual posage and such contents that even store keepers find it difficult to put on their shelves and the covers these books are named as art works is something of controversy.

Well if you consider it from my point of view. The way it is has increased into a trend is not a flop idea so the way people are favouring it is because it has actually forced them to get away from daily routine. Probably these pictures cause adults to get into focus working on these art figures I guess and they actually try to make an art with their strokes and patterns thereon. Also how long do you suggest a person would be willing for kids colouring book such as pokemon coloring book.

Certainly the content is not for children and therefore you must cut our from family and spend time thereon is what I consider negative to it as a quality family or time with friends has their very own benefits. But if we talk of someone’s personal improvement or self improvement artworks like this do really help a lot because it de-stress your life in real way the time when you indulge into this art you actually focus it has the power to sex has never been a mystery but yes its something that catches attention and if you are busy with something it can make it really difficult to concentrate on anything.

So the idea of sex being the biggest distraction for people is actually being encashed where you are not actually involved into the activity but you are using it to calm your mind and creative art. But as per famous therapist its not a part of art therapy as it needs someones guidance and help which is literally not a need nor a level of involved in a colouring book. But yes it’s a hobby and really a good one to de- stress.

Colouring is a Therapy

It has been found in a research in 2005 that a strong fall in anxiety levels was witnessed when subjects coloured Mandalas. So Coloring definitely has the potential to reduce anxiety and creating focus and more mindfulness. It is belived that such activities actually restore a person and therefore one of great way to restoration.

There are critics to the approach mainly Malichodi has strongly condemned it as a cheap entertainment and It must not be compared to something like meditation that has spiritual origin and benefits.

Well owing to so many approach and stuff human nature and self improvement and the critics view thereon. One should not call it as cheap as its just portraying of sexual activity and people working on it but there would be hardly anyone that actually finds having sex as disgusting. Its so a natural thing that is like eating food or having drink certainly romance and love are part but watching something so real in everyones life as cheap and disgusting seems a hypocritic thing isn’t it. you should consider it to entertain and restore energy within you.

What Are The Benefits Of A Post Workout Supplement

If you want to take advantage of your time spent at the gym, then getting the correct post workout nutrition will be substantial. If your body is not getting the required nutrients to recuperate from intense workouts, then you are wasting your time. After the workout session, your body will be in a survival mode, so it requires energy to restore and replace wasted muscle glycogen and will take this energy from any available source.

This could mean that the amino acids within your muscles will be broken down by the body to get energy and result in muscle wastage. To balance this, post workout supplements will be required throughout the crucial 30 to 60 minutes window after the exercise session. The best post workout supplement will provide your body with essential carbohydrates to help restore glycogen, also, to specially developed fast acting health proteins which help with the production of amino acid.

Benefits of using post workout supplements are:

Maintenance of valuable muscle mass

The main benefits would be the maintenance of valuable muscle mass that your body is about to cannibalize to get energy following a workout. These also aid in reducing recuperation time, minimizing muscle pain, increasing growth hormone and testosterone levels, plus lower cortisol levels.

The key ingredients in this supplement are carbohydrates, protein, and creatine. The carbohydrates will permit the body to restore the glycogen supplies in the muscle tissue. Additionally, they help to create an insulin surge by increasing blood sugar levels within the body. High-glycemic carbohydrates are also present in these supplements and are specially designed for quick absorption after exercises.

Reduced recovery time and improved size & strength

Post workout supplements also contain creatine, and this is beneficial for lowering recuperation time and improving muscle strength and size, particularly when coupled with carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, BCAAs and amino acids.

Post workout supplements and nutrition allow for the individual to restock the energy and calories in the body, as well as the nutrients that are essential for repairing the muscles that have been targeted within the training process. Hence besides restocking the energy, the post workout supplements can be implemented to allow the individual to recover a lot quicker, and therefore get back into the gym a lot sooner.


Unfortunately, many people get confused between the pre and post-workout supplements, as well as due to the wide variety of these products, which come in all shapes and forms. Of the most highly recommended, used and suggested post workout supplements, the consumption of protein and carbohydrates seem the most popular, besides water of course, which anyone knows is critical – whether you are working out or not.

Now the issue of carbohydrates is obviously controversial to say the least, especially those that have combined a weight loss program together with their training routine, however it is a critical part of the diet, and needs to be incorporated due to their effect n glycogen and the restoration thereof in the body. This is needed after intense workouts and exercise programs and makes them one of the value added post workout supplements, along with the previously mentioned protein.

Finally, the proteins present in these supplements are designed mainly to help quick start the body’s recovery after workouts. Making use of fast acting health supplements will be important to prevent muscle catabolism.

Which Products Help You Avoid Excessive Sweating

Sweating is a natural body function. Sweating is a process that regulates body temperature. Excessive sweating though can interfere with a person’s personal and social life. Hyperhidrosis is a condition where an affected person sweats uncontrollably. The sweating of the armpits, the palms of the hands, face and the soles of the feet is not controllable even if the individual is not hot.

Excessive sweating is already an irritation but what would be more embarrassing is when an unwanted odor is produced when the perspiration gets in contact with the bacteria in the skin. Embarrassment arising from excessive sweating can be prevented. People that suffer from hyperhidrosis use products like antiperspirant and deodorants.

The condition of hyperhidrosis cannot be entirely cured, but there are several types of deodorants available to help in excessive sweating. Aluminum Chloride is the sweat-stopping ingredient in antiperspirants and deodorants. The reason why some deodorants cannot efficiently resolve profuse sweating is that they contain lesser amounts of aluminum chloride. The best deodorant for sweating, therefore, is one that has higher levels of this compound and everyone wants the best deodorant to assist in such conditions.


Deodorant is then needed to eliminate the odor. The skin becomes acidic due to the alcohol content of deodorants. Underarm odors, as well as the unpleasant odors of the hand and the feet, are masked by the fragrance of deodorants.


Antiperspirants are used to reduce excessive sweating. The aluminum-based compound in antiperspirants block the sweat pores temporarily thus the amount of sweat that is produced is reduced. Sweat does not have an odor, but once it gets in contact with the bacteria in the skin, an unpleasant odor is produced.

Below is a list of proven deodorants that help in the reduction of excessive sweating and also an improvement in daily odor;

1. Odaban

Odaban has been around for more than thirty years and has successfully treated excessive sweating time after time again. The purpose of Odaban is to stop sweating at the source by partially clogging the sweat glands. When you block these sweat channels, commonly known as pores, it prevents your body from producing excess sweat. Odaban can even be used on a long-term basis or even during pregnancy because no harmful materials are absorbed into the body.

2. Certain Dri

Certain Dri is termed as the milder product compared to other deodorants. Instead of going for the stronger products, it is preferable to start with this milder version after reading certain dri reviews and gradually graduate to using the other more active ones on it’s failing you to give satisfactory results. It comes with a higher percentage of aluminum chloride, considered to be of clinical strength.

3. Maxim deodorant

They are facial wipes which are most dependable for those who continue to bear facial sweating. They are very convenient to use and contain mild topical deodorant that can safely be applied on the face. You are only required to wipe your face with it, and it blocks your sweat pores reducing cases of face sweat.

What Are The Different Types Of Tree Stands For Hunters

There are different varieties of tree stands that a hunter can buy for hunting and with hunting season approaching you may be looking into increasing or getting a separate tree stand this from a site like Tree stands are usually established for different areas of the country as each state has different terrain. Let us investigate which tree stand is excellent for your hunting adventure this hunting season.

Tri-Pod Tree Stands

It is mainly practiced in areas where there is a lack of trees such as meadows, bushy sections, and a desert setting. The average tripod tree stand holds 10 feet off of the ground, and they are available with blinds for not only camouflage but for changing weather conditions as well. Because these tree stands are not very portable, they are usually placed in a permanent area, and this gives the hunter an advantage as the wildlife will be used to the tripod tree stand is a fixed object.

Hang On Tree Stands

Hang on tree stands are the most common type of tree stand that shooters use. These tree stands are light and quickly portable. However, they do require the shooter to be able to climb the tree to place the hang on tree stand in position.Weighing between 10 to 20 pounds the hold sturdy tree stand can be utilized with most sorts of trees, and once they are held tight the tree, they are calm. The searcher ought to use climbing steps or sticks when utilizing the hold close the tree remain, regardless, if you have a couple of unmistakable trees chose you can instantly clear your hold sturdy tree stand and move it to another site that you starting at now have your pre-made climbing steps or climbing sticks compared. The flexibility of this holds strong tree stand empowers the seeker to change his murder zone position when he needs to.

Ladder Tree Stands

With the scale, tree stands the hunter will want to keep this type of stand as a permanent structure as easy portability is not an option. These types of tree stands are perfect for those hunters who do not like climbing and likes to hunt from a high vantage point. Ladder tree stands are stable and quiet and are great to use in wooded areas. Again, this would be a semi-permanent structure and does come with blinds for camouflage as well as to keep the hunter out of inclement weather. With the terrible step, there is no compelling reason to introduce climbing sticks. If setup a long time before the season favorable position of an action tree stand is the encompassing untamed life getting comfortable with the stand as a result of its semi-changeless expansion to their zone.

Climber Tree Stands

Climber Tree stands are for the more youthful era of seekers. Climber tree stands are suitably available and utilized substantially in zones where the tree cover is constant. The climber tree stand does not require any climbing sticks or pegs that should be included. The climber tree stand enables you to inch your way up your coveted tree utilizing your leg muscles on the seat stage. If you are in a series where the trees don’t become too huge and don’t have any appendages underneath the 20-foot stamp, the climber tree stand is ideal for you.

Fixed tree ­stands

A fixed tree stand usually holds you to a tree using straps, strings, cords or rope. The stand has a broad, flat side that rests against the trunk of the tree. The restraints secure the stand to the tree. Before using a fixed position for the first time, you should attach it to the base of a tree, secure the restrictions firmly and test the stand completely. You ought to check to ensure it will bolster your weight without making the commotion. It’s better to find out about any problems while you’re only a few feet off the ground than when you’re 20 feet (6 meters) up. To attach a firm stand further up the tree, you’ll need climbing gear to get to the right height.

Which Door Lock Should You Be Installing

Which are the best smart locks for your home security

The booming lock technology is quickly doing away with the need to carry keys but providing a much more reliable and safer alternative. There is no more need to lock yourself out of your houses after losing your keys and getting a locksmith to open the door for you. Smart technology makes use of locks that work using Bluetooth, pin codes, biometrics or even radio frequency identification using key cards for entry, as detailed by the variety available at

Here are a four different kinds of electronic locks that have gained popularity in the market for residential security and gives an insight into which door lock you should be installing :

1. SoHoMiLL YL 99 Keyless Electronic Keypad Lock :

This electronic keypad lock is one of the more simpler designs and comes in a very affordable price of $50. Even though it does not offer high end functions such as touch screens or Bluetooth connectivity, it is a solid lock that that is affordable and is a step up from having to install traditional key locks.

The door provides the highest security for the lowest price and locks the door 3 seconds after the person enters the room. It works well for both right and left hinged doors and is completely tamper proof. It can store a master code, a passage code and 8 user codes which can be controlled using the master code.

2. Schlage Camelot Touch screen Deadbolt :

One of the more premium quality electronic locks, the Schlage Connect boasts the highest lock security rating and has an inbuilt audible alarm sensor that provides information on anyone who opens the door, an auto locking feature and a finger print resistant touch screen.

The Schlage Camelot can be connected to the home automation products and products a loud beep when someone enters the house. The lock can store up to so lock codes and is priced at $199. Anyone who forgets the user code can use the master code to enter the house.

3. Samsung SHS-P718 Digital Door Lock :

One of the more expensive but highly secure lock systems is the Samsung SHS-P718 that offers entry either using a pin, fingerprints or an RFID key card to enter the home. This lock is quite popular since it integrates with Samsung’s smart home solutions such as security sensors, video cameras and so on.

The products can be accessed through an app which also provides information about visit check ins, notifications and more. The lock is ideally designed for doors with handles instead of knobs. The SHS-P718 has a steep price of $400 but provides maximum security and surveillance for homes.

4. August Smart Lock :

This smart key lock provides better security and access using iOS and Android devices by replacing the single cylinder deadbolts with a motorized deadbolt. Installation is very easy and it requires 4 AA batteries for operations. An smart lock can be controlled by an app which reminds the owner to change batteries and also allows authorization for certain users to enter the house.

All the functionalities are communicated via a secure Bluetooth connection. One unique feature of this lock is that it can be locked on the inside of the door so it cannot be tampered with and has a keyless, sophisticated design. Although the lock is priced at $199, an upgrade which hikes the price up to $249 lets the user control the Smart Lock using an Apple watch via Apple’s HomeKit app.

How To Buy A Great Portable Generator

In case of an emergency, generators can enable you to carry on using vital appliances, for example, heaters, lights, air conditioners along with refrigerators.Portable generators are great products to choose for your home, yard and work areas. There are many advantages you’ll find with these. Generators have a longer shelf life, are easily available for delivery and can be conveniently used with both large tanks and smaller cylinders.

In technical terms, electric generators refer to machines that function in converting mechanical energy into electric energy. On the other hand, generators (i.e. portable generators) can also be used to provide electric energy in locations where electricity is in accessible.

Here are buying tips and guidelines from on how to buy a great portable generator:


There are different types of portable electric generators available in the market that differ from one another regarding brand, price and wattage range. Therefore, before making your purchase, you need to determine the wattage range of the electric generator that you are looking for. There are numerous free online wattage calculators that you can use to determine the wattage range of the home generator you are looking for. All you have to do is include the wattage requirements of the appliances you would like to use the generator with.

Fuel Consumption and Run-time

While shopping for the right portable home generator, you’ll also be required to establish if the default run time as well as fuel consumption meets your personal requirements. Each manufacturer usually states the estimated run-time for every model in the market. As such, take time to verify the load size which was used by the manufacturer to compute both run-time along with fuel consumption and then contrast the result with the wattage requirements computed above. In addition, you need to make a choice between buying a propane run generator and gasoline powered generator. The latter uses roughly twelve to eighteen gallons of gas on a daily basis.


Once that you have established the kind of portable electric generator you need for your home, you can proceed to compare the prices of generators for sale. The type of generator to buy will greatly depend upon the amount of money you are prepared to spend. Generator prices are usually influenced by the fuel consumption, wattage and run time. Nonetheless, getting what you need ought not to be that hard given that you now know the amount of wattage you require from the generator.

The internet is the best marketplace when looking for affordability and variety while shopping for the most efficient portable generator. There are numerous online stores such as Amazon that sell brand new generators. Nevertheless, you need to exercise extreme caution while using the net to make your purchase so as to avoid getting ripped off.

Portable generators are considered safer to handle. This is assuming that you handle them the right way. Some people may decide to install a generator by themselves, however this is a bad idea. You should have your generator connections completed by licensed experts. A benefit to having your generator installed by a professional is also the maintenance of its warranty.

Fresh Start on How to Make Homemade Wine From Fruit

Fruit wines are wines usually implied by the primary ingredient used in making them – fruits. They are different from country wines, which from the term itself connote the fact that they are not made from grapes. Because of the growing popularity of fruit wine making, there abound recipes on how to make homemade wine from fruit that offers simple tips and procedures that even those new to wine making can easily follow.


A misconception is that fruit wines can only be made from grapes. The range is large because practically any fruit or non-toxic plant can be used that when done properly produce the same bouquet of aroma and taste as grapes. Before trying your hands at your newfound recipe on how to make homemade wine from fruit there are some points to consider first.


Fruit Preparation


The first step in fruit preparation is to sanitize everything. This does not only involve the equipment to be used but the fruits as well. Always choose the best fruits that are ripe because they are juicier. Avoid rotten, bruised and under-ripe fruits. The final quality of the homemade wine depends on the quality of the fruits used. Wash them completely and thoroughly including the leaves, pits, and stems. Remove bad spots as they may contain bacteria and may cause undesirable taste to the wine.


Slice the fruits into pieces making sure that not a bit of juice is lost. Some fruit juices have much potency in flavor and have a higher level of acidity that is why they have to be extracted with water unlike pure grape juice that can be used undiluted. Slightly mash the fruits in a nylon strainer bag. Hang the bag on the side of the fermenter, then mash and squeeze some more for the fruit juice to come out.


Making the Fruit Wine


Stir in the rest of the ingredients: sugar, tannin, acid blend, Campden tablet, and if, required, a pectic enzyme. Regulate the sugar level of the fruit juice before fermentation. There are different types of sugar that can be used and each one can affect the quality of the wine. Do trial batches with corn and cane sugar, being the cheapest. Honey is also an option because it provides a better-rounded flavor.

Add the yeast after 24 hours.


Many fruits are lacking in yeast nutrients that are important for fermentation that is why homemade wines use yeast to promote this process. When the pulp starts to break, use the hydrometer to have an accurate measurement of alcohol produced when sugar reacts with the yeast. This process of sugar conversion to alcohol is called chaptalization. Determine if more sugar is needed according to your taste preference. In a week’s time, the “must” reaches an SG of 1.030 – 1.040. Remove the fruits and siphon off the wine into a glass carboy to continue fermentation. When the SG is down to .990 – 1.000, rack the liquids into another clean carboy with an airlock. By this time, the wine is getting clearer.


Finally, when you’re ready to enjoy your wine, make sure you aerate it properly before tasting. This is especially true for red wines, as it brings out the flavor of the wine. You can get fantastic advice from regarding the best wine aerators to buy.

Myth Buster: Does Slow Cooking Destroys Nutrients?

Does slow cooking destroy nutrients? This question is often asked by several mothers and aspiring cook enthusiast; that needs to be clarified. The answer is NO. Slow cooking does not destroy nutrients or more. As a matter of fact, slow cookers help preserve nutrients. How? Slow cookers use low cooking temperature; while the usual pot cooking with high temperature can destroy or slowly lose its nutrients. Also, slow cooking often tastes better than meals that are forced cooked with high-temperature cooking. The nutrients in food are usually susceptible to high heat, prolonged exposure to light, exposure to air, and channel time from harvest and prolonged exposure to water. Then again, slow cooking cannot destroy most nutrients. So, into clarification, below are the reasons why you should start slow cooking your stew than forcing it with high temp cooking:

  • Increases Nutrients

Slow cooking at home enables you to control the nutrients that are being lost during cooking. For instance, cooking beef stew. Using the best rated slow cooker under $100 on a longer cooking time produces moist cooking; thus, result in a tenderized meat without you adding artificial ingredients for tenderizing the meat or fat. Which means, by slow cooking, you are decreasing the overall calorie and fat content of the meal you are about to serve.

  • Nutrients that are lost Again.

It is true that most cooking method has the ability to bbreak downthe nutrients, except for food (such as tomatoes) that are rich in lycopene, which becomes more available during heat processing. What makes slow cooking in an advantage over other cooking method is its ability to secure most of the nutrients with low heat for a long period of time. Again, low heat does not entirely destroy the nutrient within the unprocessed food but keeps some of them well intact while cooking.

  • The food is safe

Cooked meals at home or at the restaurant or any ready to eat meals can be harmful to anybody’s health, especially if you are not sure if the food was properly handled. How does slow cooker differ from any other method? It is not like all methods of cooking are unhealthy; however, for food that should be boiled or steamed, a slow cooker is the appropriate tool. It reduces the exposure to bacteria that are commonly found in the air since most of this equipment are tightly closed or efficiently sealed during the entire process.

  • Slow cookers are fully covered containers

This is one of the obvious benefits of slow cookers – they are fully sealed. Thus, with a sealed feature it allows securing all the nutrients from being lost due to prolong heat. Also, with sealed feature, all water residues remains contained inside the cooker. Now, if you would compare slow cooking method from a quick cooking method, the term of healthy food relative to nutrients are all underrated. So, if you are planning to prepare healthy stew or soup tonight, never force to cook your food with high heat, instead do what is right with a slow cooking method.