Ontario Black Bird SK-5 Knife Review

Reviewing the Main Features of the Ontario Black Bird SK-5 Knife.

The knife is made of quality steel and was first manufactured in the United States. Some of the characteristics that make the equipment unique are toughness, sharpness, and resistance against corrosion. Click here to find out more about this

This article will focus on some of the key features in the Ontario Black Bird SK-5 Knife review. The tool has a blade with a 0.13-inch thickness. It also contains a full-taper grind. It has a quality handle which ensures the comfort of the users. The handle of the equipment is attached to its tang using Allen screws. Its MOLLE compatible sheath comes with a rigid protective insert. The blade is 5 inches long and 0.13 inches thick while the knifeā€™s overall length is 10 inches. The 8.4 oz. is the weight of the knife and this makes it perfect for use by most people. It is an important tool to add to your survival collection. Some of the features that experts recommend the users to consider when buying equipment for use in survival situations include having a fixed blade, a full tang, tip points, and a strong pommel. These features enable you to perform a wide range of activities such as processing wood, animals, and batoning.

The knife can become a good self-defense tool even against bigger animals such as boars when attached to a long stick to give it a spear look. It was a creation of Paul Sheiter. It has a simple design and this facilitates its functionality. The sheath of the SK-5 is made of tan Nylon. Some people prefer to buy new sheath depending on the nature of their work. One of the main features that sets out the knife from the others is balance in its blade. Over the years, Ontario has introduced new designs of the handles that meet the changing customer needs. Some of the older versions of the knife have Micarta handles. Recently, the manufacturer introduced the G10 handle slabs.

The SK-5 has a finger guard near its blade. The sheath of the knife has a felt liner and MOLLE or PALS strap to enable you to insert it in your bag pack or vest. The knife is also designed to facilitate drainage as it has webbing on the front of its sheath. The knife is lighter than some of the other similar products in the market and is popular due to its ease of use. The tool is light due to its full flat grind. With the length of the blade, users can easily perform various tasks. When you are undertaking outdoor activities, you can carry it with you as it is highly portable. The SK-5 ensures comfort in the hand of the user due to its flat sides and hence can use it for many hours. Some of the most common stones used in profiling the SK-5 include the DMT diamond stones. One of the cons of the equipment is that it may take a significant amount of time to re-profile it.