Mad Catz F.R.E.Q. 9 Wireless Surround Headset Reviewed

Wireless headset



It is your nature as a gamer to make use of any kind of platform at your vicinity. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, console, Mac or PC. The truth is that a gaming experience is just as good as the audio. Poor audio will definitely make you despise an incredibly interesting game. The good news is that MAD CATZ F.R.E.Q. 9 wireless surround headset comes with all the features necessary for enhanced audio quality. According to the Bereviews, it is compatible with all gaming platforms available. This product claimed the award of CES Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering Award Honoree hence expect nothing short of perfection.



This product is compatible with all major gaming platforms and devices such as smart TVs, Bluetooth devices and set top boxes. Its Bluetooth 4.0 is compatible with lower Bluetooth versions. It also comes with an adapter box, 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm cable and 3.5 mm jack which enables you to connect it to other consoles and computers. Its wireless feature is active within 10 meter radius from the console or device.

Surround Sound

Enjoy AM3D’s Zirene surround sound via 50mm Neodymium drivers. These headsets are based on a technology developed for F-18 pilots to track the position of their targets sonically. This enables the software engine to create a spacious audio landscape around you by moving the sound environment inside-out from your head. AM3D features gives you the opportunity of grasping locations of enemies in the game before they can detect you. The good news is that these headsets can also be used to listen to music collections.

Noise Cancellation – D-ANC

The Digital Active Noise Cancellation (D-ANC) gives you the opportunity of controlling the amount of ambient noise to be blocked out. This ensures that you can only hear the amount of audio you want from movies, games and music. Gamers can also choose to activate the binaural monitoring feature which allows some outside sound into the ear cups. This eliminates the need to take them off when someone is trying to talk to you.

Zero Lag-Lip Sync issues

Have you ever wondered why most Bluetooth headsets are ideal for listening to audio music? It is because they have a lag between what you see and what you hear. This is not good for gaming or watching HD movies. By using aptX low-latency technology, FREQ 9 ensures that such problems are eliminated. That’s not all! aptX technology ensures that the quality of the original audio is maintained and Bluetooth signal timing is perfect.

Dynamic Source Switching

This product allows you to sync with more than one device and handles the audio interaction between them. This can be ideal when watching a movie on from your tablet and the phone rings. The movie will automatically pause. The in-built invisible microphone will allow you to answer the call freely. Once you are done, the headset will focus to the tablet.

Mic and Warranty

The best thing about these headsets is that they don’t have a microphone arm dangling on them. They have an invisible mic which captures all the audio quality. It is better than most headsets with an external mic. The warranty of these headsets can vary between 90 days and two years. It covers repair and replacement but not the normal wear, carelessness or abuse of the product.


The mad catz f.r.e.q 9 wireless surround headsets will take your gaming experience to the next level. It comes with a travel case, audio adapter box, optical cable, USB to USB cable, Xbox 360 chat lead and digital adapter and a Micro USB charge cable.

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