How to Use Water Filter Pitchers

Wondering how to use a water filter pitcher?

It is necessary to have the tap water filtered before we drink due to the high levels of impurities in it but a reverse osmosis filter is often elaborate to maintain and expensive. The solution to this problem in the market is the water filter pitcher. Read more here.

Low-cost, convenient and efficient, pitcher-filters can be installed in homes, offices, table tops or even in refrigerators. They remove a significant number of contaminants and improve smell and taste.

Mechanism of Pitcher-Filters

The pitcher-filters available in the market are pour-through in nature with a water reservoir for pouring tap water. Under the force of gravity, the water is pulled downwards and forced to seep through the activated carbon or granulated charcoal layer present in the filter.

The granules are porous with a large surface area to facilitate the process of adsorption of contaminants. Charcoal can remove several contaminants like Chlorine but cannot make hard water softer, kill microbes or eliminate heavy metals like lead.

The Top Benefits of Owning One

It can remove elements that cause the smell and taste of the water to deteriorate and remnants of chemicals from the municipal purification systems.

A commercial pitcher-filter can filter a gallon or two of water at a time.

Getting the Most out of your Pitcher

As you would do for any other home appliance make sure you read the instructions that come with the purchase of your water pitcher filter. It should include the directions of use, the know how to properly change the filter, the frequency of replacing and how to interpret the filter cartridge life indicator (most models have them now).

The first time you install the filter, you must rinse it thoroughly under tap water. This is to moisten the charcoal so that it can readily adsorb the contaminants when it comes in contact with the water.

Depending on the rate of use and the degree of contamination in the water, the impurities will accumulate and result in clogging of the pores of the charcoal granules. The instruction manual shall also have the information on the purchase of a second filter. The life indicator will give you the signal as to when your pitcher’s filter needs to be replaced.

Should you get one?

If you’re looking for a healthier you, it definitely does make sense. It is affordable and can help you get the clean water you need. Ensure you and your loved ones start safe, since a lot of the infections that we do get are water borne.

Additionally, it’s easy to own one too.

It is not unlikely that the filter will be home to harmful bacteria and chemicals, you’d prefer to be safe than sorry.

Water Pitcher Filters also make the water slightly alkaline, increasing the antioxidant level in the water, ensuring health benefits from this method of purification.