How to Speed Up Muscle Growth

Muscle growth is a sign of good health. Besides health, muscle makes your body look amazing. Millions of young people get obsessed with muscle growth because of various reasons. The sad fact is that most individuals who train to gain muscle either lose hope or take the wrong steps towards the mission. You can eat specific types of food, train and drink the appropriate fluids yet you experience either slow growth or no growth at all.

It is true that muscle grows gradually, but stagnancy or slow growth may suggest that there is a problem behind your training, eating habits or other activities that you engage in on a daily basis. Whichever underlying factor that may be the cause of your slow or no muscle growth, the following tips will prove significant concerning your mission.

Eat Healthy Before Workout

Muscle growth is impossible if you consume your standard amount of food before a workout. You will need extra energy for lifting concerning how to speed up muscle growth. Therefore include carbohydrates and lean proteins in your diet. Examples of food that will work out perfect for you are cereals, whole grains, fish and fruits. Exercising on an empty stomach is a bad idea because the lifting will make you weak before you finish your session. Hence, you will achieve nothing or little than expected. Think of it like fueling your vehicle before driving. You need an energy source to perform the required amount of work.

Lift Different Equipment

Your body responds better when you use a variety of equipment compared to when you lift the same machine during all your sessions. Muscle growth is impressive when there is an improvement at different parts of your body. It is similar to the way the human body works best when supplied with several types of nutrients. Hence, use dumbbells, stretching machines, and other apparatus to improve muscle growth.

Check Your Calorie Content

You burn a lot of calories during workout sessions. Positive change is impossible if you do not increase your calorie intake. Suppose your body’s calorie content is average, you need an extra two hundred and fifty calories per day. Suppose your calorie content is below average, you need an extra five hundred calories each day. However, keep in mind that too much fat in the body will slow down your goal. Therefore, consider monitoring your calorie intake as you progress with your workouts.

Limit Your Lifts

You cannot lift and handle all the weights and machines available at the gym. Positive change does not mean that you have to raise the most massive loads and use the most challenging devices. The high chances are that you will hurt yourself or subject your muscles to pressure that they cannot handle hence slowing your growth process. Select weights and machines which are appropriate regarding the maximum you could reach. The best idea is to start with small weights and advance to more massive once as you improve. Alternatively, you could talk to your gym instructor to guide you concerning the maximum weights you can lift.


Allow your muscles to relax so that they can re-energize for the next sessions. Too much pressure is toxic to your tissues. Hence, engage in workouts and skip two or three days. Many young people struggle with muscle growth because they spend too much time working out without having enough rest. For that reason, relax, and everything will turn out alright.

Muscle growth comes gradually. It does not happen overnight. Hence, you have to be patient but while at it, engage in activities and make decisions that lead to improved growth. Checking your calorie content, fueling your body before workouts, resting and limiting yourself are a few of the guidelines. Besides the mentioned tips, hydrate your body adequately and have enough sleep.