How To Rebuild A Floor Jack

In a garage, a floor jack plays a vital role. However, with time, it becomes dirty and worn out. If not properly taken care of, it might refuse to work. This might force the owner to buy a new one. Although there are cheaper models, they do not last for long durations of time. Moreover, they are costly to repair. Floor jacks are very sensitive to weather, dust, and dirt which means they can be easily damaged. This calls for the owner to take extra care when dealing with this essential tool. The cost of rebuilding this tool may run in excess of one hundred dollars. However, if you have the necessary maintenance skills, you can quickly reconstruct your floor jack and save on the labor costs. Rebuilding the tool involves following the simple steps outlined below.

Step 1 – Ensure that you have all the parts

For you begin this exercise, you need to have all the parts which have been damaged. Here, you need to contact the supplier who deals with quality parts. Ensure that you have the parts which are similar to the damaged parts. As such, they need to be of the same dimensions. This will make your work easier and ensure that the rebuilt tool performs optimally. Do not forget to have the kit of rebuild pieces which will guide you how to restore a floor jack in addition to proving you with some crucial parts.

Step 2 – Carefully assemble the Running Gear

Restore the running gear. This is a fundamental step which you should not omit. To minimize wear and tear which might be caused by friction, use a lubrication grease on all the running parts. The Pitman pin needs to be pushed into the handle. Make sure that the reverse switch and the spring are properly inserted into the larger runner. Afterward, you need to add the climbing pin to the runner. The cross pins need to be installed into the climbing pins. The next step will involve putting the cross pins into the smaller runner. You will achieve by placing the hex pieces together and installing the shear bolt as your final piece.

Step 3 – Add the Seal

After you have installed all the pieces from the gear, you need to take the cylinder of the jack. Afterward, lift away the O ring at the end. Be cautious when handling this part since it can be damaged easily.

Step 4- Install the Rest

The handlebar needs to be put into the handle socket. Install its pin and ensure that the clevis is added to the clevis bolt. Your running gear then needs to be placed back into the bar. Insert the foot piece to its place and put the cotter pin on it. Ensure that the longer edge of the foot is facing forward together with the jack.

The separate parts have now been installed. Use the bolts to join them together and screw them tightly using a screwdriver. Do not forget to lubricate the moving parts. Your floor jack is now ready, and you can use it.