How to Catch a Mouse without a Mousetrap

You do not necessarily have to use a mouse trap so as to catch a mouse. You could want to catch the mouse without hurting or killing it. Below are some creative ways you can catch a mouse with no mousetrap:

Spoons and bucket

For this method, you will need one large bucket, peanut butter, and a spoon. Put the peanut butter on the spoon’s handle then place it at the kitchen countertop in a way that it balances and place the bucket below it. Once that mouse comes to collect the peanut butter from the spoon, it will slide in with the spoon into the bucket.

Cardboard tube and bucket

You could not be for the idea of exposing your kitchen silverware to the mouse but you need not worry either. You will require similar items as above; large bucket, peanut butter but replace the spoon with cardboard tube which could be the roll which raps toilet paper. Apply peanut butter on the tube then balance it on the kitchen countertop with the large bucket below. When the mouse will come and try feeding on the peanut butter, it will slide into that large bucket.

Soda bottle and bucket

Are you tired of resetting the above traps every now and then? Do not worry here is a method that will save you that hassle. You will require a plastic soda bottle and the large bucket. Skew the bottle then position it above the bucket in such a way that it spins once the mouse is there to feed on the peanut butter.

Coin and glass

This is another very simple way of catching the mouse without mousetrap. Get a glass then apply some peanut butter on its sides then use the coin as a prop to position the glass higher on one side such that when the mouse tries getting that peanut placed on the sides, the glass falls and gets the mouse trapped inside it.

Paper plate and a bucket

You will require a paper plate, a bucket and some supporting rods or timber that the mouse will climb the bucket with. Place some peanut butter on that paper plate and position it on the bucket open end with the bucket handles supporting it. When the mouse comes and tries getting that butter, it will slide inside the bucket.

Having caught the mouse with the above methods which leave it alive, the hardest task now is fighting out to determine what you do with it. A mouse one it marks its territory it can easily trace its way back even from a distance. Therefore, you need to plan well on where you will release the caught mouse. If it’s someplace close to the home, ensure that first yo,u block its entries where it entered through on the first instance since if that is ignored you can be sure it will be back. Mice are tricky animals and it could also find another way to get inside the house, if it happens you either cope to stay with it as a guest or else catch it one more and dispose it at a far distance.