How are colored pencils made

The protective casing of colored pencil is made of wood and there is a colored pigment at the core of such pencils. In order to get information on how colored pencils are made it would be ideal to understand the history of colored pencils. You can also read more about pencils here.

The Composition of Colored Pencils

The binding agents, additives, pigments, and wax are the composition of the colored pencils. Clay and graphite made the core of a typical and standard pencil; however, on the other hand, the core of colored pencils is quite different. Some of the colored pencils are even water soluble, which is quite interesting information.

Colored Pencils History

There is no clear evidence for the early history of the colored pencils, which means there is no documentation or anything solid available for explaining the earlier era of the colored pencils. Crayons, which had been wax-based were quite common in the past. It appears that 19th-century remarks beginning of documentation for the colored pencils and it was for the purpose of marking and checking. It seems quite interesting as marking and checking in the modern era requires a different color than usual as well. Staedter, Faber-Castell are some of the most prominent names in the history of colored pencils.

Types of Colored Pencils

There are different types of colored pencils, which depend on the intention of the user. For example, colored pencils, which are used by artists are different in comparison to the pencils, which are normally used by the students on regular basis. There are mechanical colored pencils available for the relevant user as well. For some users there are watercolor pencils available as well and as the name suggests this kind of pencils are soluble in water.

Pencil Making Process

The pencil making process appears quite appealing to the eyes. Wax-based cores are used in the making of colored pencils. There is a whole process involved in making the colored pencils; however, it is important to keep in mind that it is quite similar to the standard pencils, which use graphite and clay as the core. In fact, in the modern age machines are involved in making these colored pencils. It is important to follow the rules, regulations, and procedures. It is amazing how technology is bringing a variety of changes in the life of modern people and even pencils. There has been a change in making colored pencils since the ancient civilization as there is some missing information in history.

Final Words

There is no clear evidence available on the fact that how colored pencils started earlier but with advancement, in time there had been some names for the colored pencils, which had been quite famous. Basically, it is lead, which is colored filled and it is possible with the assistance of a certain pigment. There are different types of colored pencils available in the market and an individual would select the one, which is in accordance with their preferences.