Farberware can opener review

If you are a fan of canned foods or beverages, then you are aware of the struggle that comes with opening the cans to get the content. Food and beverage companies seal their cans with lids tight enough to avoid spillage and oxidation. It is obvious that spillage can result in waste. Oxidation, on the other hand, can cause the content inside the can to go bad earlier than the expiry of the product.

A can opener helps you open your cans without a struggle. Nevertheless, there is a wide range of good can opener brands out there. One of them is Farberware. Below is an honest Farberware can opener review detailing all the features, pros, and cons associated with this product.


  • Special technology ensures seamless open, reducing the dangers of sharp device edges.
  • Compact design effortlessly opens any size can and ensures easy storage.
  • Magnetic head aids in lifting the lid for your convenience, once the can is opened.
  • Uses 2 AA batteries. NB: Batteries to be bought separately.
  • Instructional booklet.


Farberware can opener advantages include safe, practical design, convenient head, and quality construction. The fact that it is a hands-free automatic can opener means it operates without requiring the input of your hands. Simply place your opener on top of your can with the mouth of the opener attached to the lower part of the lid and press the button. The device will rotate around the lid up to 360 degrees to open it. The compact design easily opens any can and allows you to store your opener with ease. With a magnetic head, the opener will lift the lid off after opening the can. So you will not need to use your hands to personally do that.

One major set back of this hand-free automatic can opener is the fact that it sometimes sticks to can, and will not release, especially after several repeated usages at any one time. In that case, you have to manually pry it away from the metal to finish opening your can. So be careful not to overuse your opener.

Another setback is the fact that you have to buy the batteries separately. In our view, the manufacturer should include a free pair of AA batteries so that you only buy new batteries after the original ones are depleted. We do not think that is too much to ask.

Final Thoughts

Farberware is a hands-free automatic can opener that can open all your cans in seconds. With a compact design, magnetic head and a special technology that ensures the device works in a smooth and seamless manner, this device benefits you with safety, practicability, and convenience in relation to opening your cans. The only disadvantages are that this device is not designed to open too many cans at any one time. If you subject it to heavy use, it may jam. Also, the fact that you have to purchase the batteries separately, negatively affects this product in terms of the ratings that are given to it.