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Behind the neck headphones buyers guide

Are you interested in buying behind the neck headphones? What are the main factors you should use when purchasing the headphones? Behind the neck, headphones are one style of the headphones that feature a support band that wraps around the back of the neck like a collar. They are practical, smart and stylish. The headphones are ideal in a range of situations, that’s, from hectic offices to relaxing at home.

Below are 5 factors to consider when buying behind the neck headphones

Fit and comfort

One of the main aspects for headphones is comfort level. Without padding, the pressure of the headband can irritate. When purchasing find out what the leathers of padding are made of. Mostly, protein padding is tender, soft and doesn’t leave behind any strain after longer listening. Check whether earpads are replaceable, if replaceable, you can customize the headphones to your comfort. Also, you can buy behind the neck headphones with an in-ear design, which is more secure and it doesn’t have any pressure on your head. The only downside with an in-ear design, you cannot hear anything in your surrounding which is very dangerous in places such as train stations.

Battery life

Battery life is also another important feature for behind the neck headphones. This relates to the length of time you can go between charging the unit. Usually, they are supposed to last for 8 hours, which is enough for an average person. Nowadays, audio devices have an option of fasting charging which allows users to get 2 hours of music playback in a 5 minutes charging.

Bluetooth technology

Almost all behind the neck headphones are wireless, which makes them very convenient. You can connect the headphones with Bluetooth service and enjoy music for long hours. Ensure you buy headphones with Bluetooth version 4.0 or more; otherwise, you’ll be having connecting issues. Also, the average connection range of Bluetooth should be at least 30 feet.

Audio quality

Audio quality involves:

  • Frequency response-range of frequency response is a must because it tells the number of notes the headphone can play. Mostly, headphones range between 20 to 20 Hz.
  • Connectivity technology-you must look at the updated Bluetooth version.
  • Drivers used-There are various types of drivers that can be used on inside the neck headphone, that’s from acoustic drivers to neodymium drivers.


  • Water greatly affects headphones. It either reduces the audibility of the headphones or wreck headphones. Make sure the headphones are waterproof. Headphones should be used in any activity such as hiking, gym or running. But don’t swim with headphones for long hours, since water pressure damages behind neck headphones.


  • Durability is also another issue when purchasing headphones. Heavyweight headphones are much durable than lightweight. The lightweight can easily be sat on or can quickly be snapped. Be extremely careful when handling headphones, if they not in your head, keep them in their protective cases.


When it comes to choosing the best headphones, earbuds or earphones, you get what you pay for. Ensure you follow the above guideline, you will never go wrong.

Farberware can opener review

If you are a fan of canned foods or beverages, then you are aware of the struggle that comes with opening the cans to get the content. Food and beverage companies seal their cans with lids tight enough to avoid spillage and oxidation. It is obvious that spillage can result in waste. Oxidation, on the other hand, can cause the content inside the can to go bad earlier than the expiry of the product.

A can opener helps you open your cans without a struggle. Nevertheless, there is a wide range of good can opener brands out there. One of them is Farberware. Below is an honest Farberware can opener review detailing all the features, pros, and cons associated with this product.


  • Special technology ensures seamless open, reducing the dangers of sharp device edges.
  • Compact design effortlessly opens any size can and ensures easy storage.
  • Magnetic head aids in lifting the lid for your convenience, once the can is opened.
  • Uses 2 AA batteries. NB: Batteries to be bought separately.
  • Instructional booklet.


Farberware can opener advantages include safe, practical design, convenient head, and quality construction. The fact that it is a hands-free automatic can opener means it operates without requiring the input of your hands. Simply place your opener on top of your can with the mouth of the opener attached to the lower part of the lid and press the button. The device will rotate around the lid up to 360 degrees to open it. The compact design easily opens any can and allows you to store your opener with ease. With a magnetic head, the opener will lift the lid off after opening the can. So you will not need to use your hands to personally do that.

One major set back of this hand-free automatic can opener is the fact that it sometimes sticks to can, and will not release, especially after several repeated usages at any one time. In that case, you have to manually pry it away from the metal to finish opening your can. So be careful not to overuse your opener.

Another setback is the fact that you have to buy the batteries separately. In our view, the manufacturer should include a free pair of AA batteries so that you only buy new batteries after the original ones are depleted. We do not think that is too much to ask.

Final Thoughts

Farberware is a hands-free automatic can opener that can open all your cans in seconds. With a compact design, magnetic head and a special technology that ensures the device works in a smooth and seamless manner, this device benefits you with safety, practicability, and convenience in relation to opening your cans. The only disadvantages are that this device is not designed to open too many cans at any one time. If you subject it to heavy use, it may jam. Also, the fact that you have to purchase the batteries separately, negatively affects this product in terms of the ratings that are given to it.

Buyers guide to purchasing a water filter pitcher

Shopping for healthier drinking water would be the cheapest. You ought to be grateful to find drinking water. Purchasing bottled water may also be highly-priced, and plastic bottles are ineffective and ecologically harmful. Water filters would be the further earthy response. Several types of water filters have been made, which they commonly in design as well as price. They will use reverse osmosis, carbon dioxide, or ultra-violet beams to wash or purify water. Should you get a simple spout-established carbon filter, or can an under-the-sink reverse filter do the task perfectly? Well in this buyers guide to purchasing a water filter pitcher, we’ll break it down for you!

Different factors of water filter pitcher

The potency of a filter eliminating distinctive contaminants is contingent on the products used. Thus, it’s vital to incorporate what should be removed from your water which entails striving out.

A big sufficient potential

They are very affordable. Their ability is so unnatural they are excellent for just conserving a primary supplier of portability — the amount which you and your circle beverage each day may have a control on how big the pitcher you’d like. Additionally, you want to pick a larger pitcher that fits on your fridge. Countertop, tap-hooked upward along with below-sink water filters provide you having a constant amount of filtered water. It gives the value-added relaxation that you switch between tap and filtered water.

The right filtering mechanism

Many water filters utilize carbon, so which absorbs impurities and odor for a consequence of the water moves through the porous substance. While filters may remove contaminants comprising chlorine, lead, parasites, and prescription medications, bacteria, and harmful chemical substances, and so the semi-permeable membranes of reverse diffusion techniques flush the most natural way of contaminants off.

A slight to quick flow fee

Many water filters may significantly slow your float fee, though, a device may get inconvenient in case it takes too much time to attempt to perform its activity. Drift speed changes are counting on the type of filter outside.

Accreditations approving contamination removal claims

Makers may check their private solution, although water filter is not licensed to put off contaminants until it has been analyzed by victimization a freelancer firm like NSF International or the decent water institution. Every company has databases these buyers will tactfully get to get told further nearly the effectiveness of particular fashions.

Long assurance

A ninety-day guarantee can be suitable to get a pitcher filter, but an elongated warranty of a couple of years is okay for virtually any filter which involves installation. You need to think about looking before you proceed.

What is a beanbag chair

A bean bag chair is a large, very soft and frameless chair that resembles a beanbag. It typically is like a cloth-like shell made of plastic and is filled with small plastic chips which mold itself to the occupant’s contours.

History of Beanbag Chairs

After knowing what is a beanbag chair, it is important to know how they came into existence. The first ever beanbag chair was the sea urchin chair that was designed by Dean Rodgers when he was still in college. The recent beanbag chairs began existing I 1969-the Sacco chairs which were shaped like a pear and made of leather. At first, the fillings were thermocol pellets which were later replaced by urethane foam, polyurethane foam, Styrofoam, PVC pellets, ad polystyrene beads.

I the 1970’s beanbags could be made in different departmental stores and anyone who wanted them could purchase without any hassle. They were made of high-quality leather and were filled with Styrofoam pellets. In the 1990’s, the bean bags were made from furniture and designed in different sizes and shapes. During this time onwards, they were made to be childproof because some children could be injured or some suffocated and died after crawling into the older beanbag chairs.

Latest Designs

Currently, the beanbag chairs can be found in many sizes, shapes, designs, and material. They are made of washable and removable washable fabric that do not experience wear and tear easily. Nowadays, they use urethane foam instead of Styrofoam pellets because urethane provides more support and its reliability is guaranteed compared to Styrofoam. The sack bean bag chairs are filled with shredded foam of the highest quality.

Types of Beanbags

Round beanbag chairs- These chairs are circular I shape when spread out. In fact, they are the commonest and can be placed in the living room, patio, entertainment room, bedroom or playroom. The chairs provide maximum support to the head, neck, arms, and back.

Square beanbag chairs- They are shaped similar to squares and look like the room recliners coming complete with an armrest and a backrest. Preferably, they are for adults and provide utmost support to adults which is not really needed by children.

Gaming beanbag chairs- These ones are high-end beanbag chairs that are mostly found in video game shops and are designed like computer chairs. They give more support to the back, neck, arms, and head. Some have inbuilt speakers that are synced with the computer or TV for high definition sound for your entertainment sessions.

Body beanbag chairs- For this one, it is made in a way that you can lay on and are long allowing several individuals to sit on. Body beanbags aren’t oversized but are made in a rectangular shape.

Novelty beanbag chairs- Such chairs are designed especially for children and take the shape of a certain item. There are those that are shaped like turtles, footballs, aeroplanes and more. They are very comfortable and are a treasure compared to other types because of their aesthetics and the maximum comfort that they provide.


Buyers guide to dutch ovens

A Dutch oven provides you with a good way of making stews and pot roasts. A Dutch oven is similar to a cooking pot but it has thick walls and a tightly fitting lid. These cooking tools have been in use for a very long time for both indoor and outdoor purposes. They are popularly used as camping cooking equipment and also for use in the kitchen. However, one important aspect you need to keep in mind is that not all Dutch ovens are the same. If you are looking to buy one, you need to be aware of all the factors to consider. Here are is a buyers guide to Dutch ovens. Find out more at my dutch oven.

According to Use

A dutch oven can be chosen according to where and how it will be used. There two main options here: Camp Dutch ovens and kitchen Dutch ovens. Camp Dutch ovens are designed primarily for outdoor cooking using charcoal or wood coals. It has a lip around the perimeter of the lip to support the charcoal and prevent ash from falling into the food. It has legs supporting the oven for convenient outdoor use. Kitchen Dutch ovens are primarily designed for use indoors, on your stovetop or in a standard oven. A kitchen Dutch oven doesn’t have the legs and also doesn’t have a lip around the lid since there are no coals to be put on top.

The Size

A Dutch oven may be measured by diameter, and by quart capacity. The most common sizes are 10″ and 12″. They are available in various sizes from as small as 5″ to as large as 22″. The size of your choice will depend on the amount of food you will be cooking. If you have a small family or if you are preparing food for fewer people, then standard size will work. If you have a large family or you’ll be preparing food for a large group of people, then a big one may be suitable. For home use, you can buy both a standard size and a larger one for preparing different types of meals.

The Material Used

Dutch ovens are mostly made of cast iron or aluminum. Dutch ovens made using cast iron are heavier and you need to guard it against moisture because it’s prone to rust. Cast iron ovens cannot easily burn your food and they retain heat, which makes them suitable for use in cold places. On the other hand, aluminum Dutch ovens are light and they’re easy to clean and maintain. They don’t rust but extremely high temperatures may damage them. However, they heat and cool up faster so they are suitable for cooking food that needs cooling immediately.


This is one of the most important elements to look for. To assess the quality, check to see if the lid fits well. If the lid keeps rocking back and forth, then it doesn’t fit well. It will be letting out moisture as you cook. The oven will cook but it’ll be ineffective. Since it may hard to assess other features, it’s recommended to go for the most recognized brands.

Are you looking to buy a Dutch oven? Keep in mind the above factors and you will buy an oven that prepares quality and delicious food for your friends or family.