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What is a beanbag chair

A bean bag chair is a large, very soft and frameless chair that resembles a beanbag. It typically is like a cloth-like shell made of plastic and is filled with small plastic chips which mold itself to the occupant’s contours.

History of Beanbag Chairs

After knowing what is a beanbag chair, it is important to know how they came into existence. The first ever beanbag chair was the sea urchin chair that was designed by Dean Rodgers when he was still in college. The recent beanbag chairs began existing I 1969-the Sacco chairs which were shaped like a pear and made of leather. At first, the fillings were thermocol pellets which were later replaced by urethane foam, polyurethane foam, Styrofoam, PVC pellets, ad polystyrene beads.

I the 1970’s beanbags could be made in different departmental stores and anyone who wanted them could purchase without any hassle. They were made of high-quality leather and were filled with Styrofoam pellets. In the 1990’s, the bean bags were made from furniture and designed in different sizes and shapes. During this time onwards, they were made to be childproof because some children could be injured or some suffocated and died after crawling into the older beanbag chairs.

Latest Designs

Currently, the beanbag chairs can be found in many sizes, shapes, designs, and material. They are made of washable and removable washable fabric that do not experience wear and tear easily. Nowadays, they use urethane foam instead of Styrofoam pellets because urethane provides more support and its reliability is guaranteed compared to Styrofoam. The sack bean bag chairs are filled with shredded foam of the highest quality.

Types of Beanbags

Round beanbag chairs- These chairs are circular I shape when spread out. In fact, they are the commonest and can be placed in the living room, patio, entertainment room, bedroom or playroom. The chairs provide maximum support to the head, neck, arms, and back.

Square beanbag chairs- They are shaped similar to squares and look like the room recliners coming complete with an armrest and a backrest. Preferably, they are for adults and provide utmost support to adults which is not really needed by children.

Gaming beanbag chairs- These ones are high-end beanbag chairs that are mostly found in video game shops and are designed like computer chairs. They give more support to the back, neck, arms, and head. Some have inbuilt speakers that are synced with the computer or TV for high definition sound for your entertainment sessions.

Body beanbag chairs- For this one, it is made in a way that you can lay on and are long allowing several individuals to sit on. Body beanbags aren’t oversized but are made in a rectangular shape.

Novelty beanbag chairs- Such chairs are designed especially for children and take the shape of a certain item. There are those that are shaped like turtles, footballs, aeroplanes and more. They are very comfortable and are a treasure compared to other types because of their aesthetics and the maximum comfort that they provide.


Buyers guide to dutch ovens

A Dutch oven provides you with a good way of making stews and pot roasts. A Dutch oven is similar to a cooking pot but it has thick walls and a tightly fitting lid. These cooking tools have been in use for a very long time for both indoor and outdoor purposes. They are popularly used as camping cooking equipment and also for use in the kitchen. However, one important aspect you need to keep in mind is that not all Dutch ovens are the same. If you are looking to buy one, you need to be aware of all the factors to consider. Here are is a buyers guide to Dutch ovens. Find out more at my dutch oven.

According to Use

A dutch oven can be chosen according to where and how it will be used. There two main options here: Camp Dutch ovens and kitchen Dutch ovens. Camp Dutch ovens are designed primarily for outdoor cooking using charcoal or wood coals. It has a lip around the perimeter of the lip to support the charcoal and prevent ash from falling into the food. It has legs supporting the oven for convenient outdoor use. Kitchen Dutch ovens are primarily designed for use indoors, on your stovetop or in a standard oven. A kitchen Dutch oven doesn’t have the legs and also doesn’t have a lip around the lid since there are no coals to be put on top.

The Size

A Dutch oven may be measured by diameter, and by quart capacity. The most common sizes are 10″ and 12″. They are available in various sizes from as small as 5″ to as large as 22″. The size of your choice will depend on the amount of food you will be cooking. If you have a small family or if you are preparing food for fewer people, then standard size will work. If you have a large family or you’ll be preparing food for a large group of people, then a big one may be suitable. For home use, you can buy both a standard size and a larger one for preparing different types of meals.

The Material Used

Dutch ovens are mostly made of cast iron or aluminum. Dutch ovens made using cast iron are heavier and you need to guard it against moisture because it’s prone to rust. Cast iron ovens cannot easily burn your food and they retain heat, which makes them suitable for use in cold places. On the other hand, aluminum Dutch ovens are light and they’re easy to clean and maintain. They don’t rust but extremely high temperatures may damage them. However, they heat and cool up faster so they are suitable for cooking food that needs cooling immediately.


This is one of the most important elements to look for. To assess the quality, check to see if the lid fits well. If the lid keeps rocking back and forth, then it doesn’t fit well. It will be letting out moisture as you cook. The oven will cook but it’ll be ineffective. Since it may hard to assess other features, it’s recommended to go for the most recognized brands.

Are you looking to buy a Dutch oven? Keep in mind the above factors and you will buy an oven that prepares quality and delicious food for your friends or family.