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Do weed eaters use regular gas

A weed eater, which uses fuel, requires more attention and care as compared to the one using electric power. This is because maintenance work and regular fueling requires making sure that the weed eater is functioning properly. Click here to find out more

Nevertheless, you need to discover the actual type of fuel, which will offer you the great result and keep the product to serve you for many days. However, there weed eaters that use a combination of gas and fuel. Others have different reservoirs for these essential fuels.

Fueling the weed eater

Therefore, it is very important to make sure that you are using the right fuel for your machine. This helps in preventing engine damage and guarantees you the durability of the product. Mostly, you will find a notice on the lid of the reservoir. If it is written use 10% fuel, you can use the regular unleaded gas, which has ethanol: thus, weed eaters use regular gas.

Nevertheless, ethanol is not recommended for fuel lines and carburetor. It gums up quickly. Therefore, you will be required to change the fuel line and carburetor if you use it for some time. During winter months, you might change it severally.

Typically, a weed eater has to use both the gas and the oil to maintain the actual lubrication in crankshaft and piston. Additionally, for the proper function of the engine, gas, and oil should be mixed in the correct proportion to avoid mechanical problems. For example, too much oil can cause excessive exhaust smoke.

On the other hand the little amount of oil will result in overheating, less engine power, and eventually, damage the engine. Generally, all the weed eaters normally use the 40:1 ratio that is equivalent to 1 US gallon of the unleaded gasoline, to 3:2 ounces of the engine oil. Therefore, unleaded gas in the combination must be 87 octanes.

Signs of wrong oil and gas ratio

Occasionally, you can be confused and have the wrong ratio of the oil and gas. Although you have committed the mistake, you can rectify it and save the engine of your weed eater from breaking down. In case you are not sure of the ration that you have mixed, there are some signs that you should observe:

  • Overheating: Once you realize that your machine is overheating, switch it off and let it cool. The problem is based on the fueling ratio.
  • Excessive smoke: A lot of oil in the engine could cause excessive exhaust fumes or smoke.
  • Reduced general efficiency: ┬áThe fuel if wrongly mixed can result in poor performance. Too much oil will produce smoke, while less fuel will make the machine overheat.
  • Engine stopping: When there is poor combustion of the fuel, then the engine might stop while in the middle of the task. This is because the machine is powered by the oil or gas. Therefore, the proper ration is required.


Therefore, the most effective thing to do is to stop the weed eater and change the fuel. If you do not change, this will result in breaking down of the engine. You can further consult the authorized mechanics for service occasionally.