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German Lederhosen Is A Must For Men At Oktoberfest

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Oktoberfest is an annual event held in Munich, Bavaria, Germany running from late September to the first weekend in October. It is the largest beer festival in the world with over 6 million people attending from all over the world. Other cities around the world also hold Oktoberfest celebrations modeled after the original Munich event by shopping for preparations from

Beer and food

A large quantity of beer is consumed during the event. Visitors also enjoy a blend of attractions including sidestalls and games, amusement rides, a range of traditional foods such as schweinshaxe (grilled ham hock), Hendl (roast chicken), Schweinebraten (roast pork), steckerlfisch (grilled fish on a stick) along with other Bavarian delicacies such as Weibwurst (a white sausage) and Obatzda (a spicy cheese-butter spread).

Dressing for Oktoberfest

Traditional Bavarian outfits are the fashion theme for the Oktoberfest event seeing as almost everyone dresses traditionally to blend in better with other attendees. There is a variety of outfits form traditional attire to a modern variation of the attire. The German lederhosen is a must for men at the Oktoberfest.

Women’s Oktoberfest costumes

For women, the most critical pieces of outfits for Oktoberfest outfit include a very fitting Bavarian drindl dress with an apron wrapped around it. The blouses are usually white with a cut. the size of the cut is dependent on how much cleavage one wants to show. Also essential are the dirndl bows tied on front of the apron. The bow is put on the left if the lady is single, on the right if the lady is taken and it is put in middle if the lady is a virgin. so one needs to be careful on where to place the bow. as for the shoes, the most common one are either flats or sometimes Mary Jane style footwear. open shoes are not advisable since a lot of glass breakage happens and may cause an accident.

Men’s Oktoberfest costumes

The men’s Oktoberfest outfits are more straightforward than the ladies. Their attire comprise of a button-up shirt (normally white in color or checkered), lerderhosen shorts complete with suspenders (it does not matter whether the shorts are fitting, the suspenders complete the look) sturdy Bavarian shoes and an alpine hat. The men rock some traditional shoes known as haferlschuh which is more like a combination of a work boot and a dress shoe. These shoes have a soft leather on top and bumps on the bottom. Socks are usually woolen with stripes on them, but they can be cotton.

The costume of german lederhosen are a must-have for a serious Oktoberfest enthusiast because they are the standard. Having the right outfit at the Oktoberfest makes it even more fun.

Entry to Oktoberfest

Other than the outfits and the beer, other highlights include the entry of the breweries and the restaurateurs for the opening of the Oktoberfest. The parade is led by the Munchner Kindl followed by the lord mayor of Munich then followed by decorated horse carriages and floats of the breweries and the carriage of other showmen and restaurateurs. Music bands from the beer tents also go together with the parade.

Tapping the beer barrel

After the entry of the breweries and the restaurateurs, at 12 o’clock the lord mayor opens the first beer barrel in schottenhammel tent with the exclamation “O’zapft is!” meaning it’s tapped declaring the Oktoberfest opened. Twelve gunshots are fired signaling the other restaurateurs to begin serving beer. Visitors usually wait to see the number of strokes the mayor needs before the first beer flows. Some visitors even make bets on this.

Fashionable Leather Backpacks For Men

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