Best Wifi Enabled Space Heaters That You Should Buy

While some of the people around the world are looking for an air conditioner to feel refresh and cold, some countries are looking for the opposite of it. Instead, they are looking for a space heater that could make their body warm in the times of cold weather. Space heaters are really useful in times of fall and winter season. It can be used in small spaces or indoors such as small rooms and spaces.  But what are the basis of finding the best space heater?

In this article, you will find the best wifi enabled space heater reviews. These reviews will guide you in finding the best wifi enabled space heater. Wifi enabled space heaters are awesome, that is why you should check out these reviews here.

Heat Storm Wifi Heater – Made up of a wooden top with a cubic design that it makes it be unique from other heaters. What is the best feature here is the two modes feature? It offers 750W and 1500W power that gives you an option to adjust your desired heat. After it reaches the scheduled temperature it will automatically come to an eco mode feature where it sets to the 750W in order to preserve the power.  This heater is best to use in a space of 1000 sq ft or lower. Another good feature of this heater is that it can be connected to Google Home or Alexa, an app where you can use voice command. You can also choose to connect with the Smart Life app on which you can schedule easily the heater to save energy. Mostly, this heater is safe because it passed the ETL and NOM certificate test. Only, this heater will only connect to 2.4G, thus you need to make sure that this could be your choice for wifi enabled space heater. It offers a 3 years warranty.

KUPPET 28.5″ Electric Fireplace – This is one of the fireplace wifi enabled that is being connected with Alexa through a voice command. It comes also with remote control for easy setup. Also, it can be connected to your phone for an easy setting setup. In phone setup, it comes with 2 heat settings, the first is the standard space heaters 750W/1500W and the second is the standard dimmer to adjust the brightness of the electric fireplace. It also offers safety precautions, like the automatic turn off if it gets too hot, and a tip-over switch, which will automatically turn off when it stops working.  It does not produce emission, thus it is safer to use.

Dyson Pure Cool Link Purifier – This product comes from a high-quality brand manufacturer, Dyson. It offers complete features than any other heaters.  It includes 10 heat settings, Hepa air purifier, Heat and cool options, real-time reports for indoor and outdoor air with humidity, temperature, and filter lifespan, 360-degree oscillation, Alexa enabled, and wifi connection.  It has been awarded by the Quietmark accreditation where it is asthma and allergy friendly. The other feature is the night mode settings where it gives a quiet setting as well as dim LCD for a perfect night setting. Mostly, it is compatible with Amazon Alexa together with Dyson’s propriety app software.