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Benefits of tubeless mountain bike tires

If you are an avid biker and you experience flat tires often, you should consider using tubeless tires. However, if you are riding on tubular tires and you would like to go tubeless, you will have to change either the tires you are using only or the whole set of wheels depending on the types of rims you already have. Although tubeless tires are not immune from flats completely, they are more resistant than regular tires.

Most mountain bikers are now preferring tubeless tires because they have numerous benefits when compared to regular tires especially when driving off-road for a long period of time. Benefits of tubeless mountain bike tires include the following:

Get better traction

One of the main objective when riding a mountain bike is to keep the tire on the ground as much as possible. To achieve this, you mainly rely on suspension although tire pressure plays a key role. In a tubeless tire, you can run on a lower tire pressure thus maintaining more ground contact. The tire will wrap around objects instead of moving up or sideways. With a better traction, you will lose less forward momentum and ride faster over obstacles when mountain biking.

Eliminate pinch flats

When riding on tubeless tires, you don’t have to worry about pinch flats because the tires do not have a tube to be pinched. Even though you will have a tubeless tire, you can have a flat but the chances of happening are minimized. When installing the tire, you are supposed to use a sealant to have fewer flat tires. The sealant will seal small punctures or leaks without you noticing even when racing or riding on a rough road. However, when the puncture gets too big and the sealant can’t repair it, you will have to install a tube and use it as a tubular tire. Alternatively, you can use a pump to add more air as a short-term solution.

Shaves some weight

Although this should not be one of the main reasons why you choose tubeless tires, they can help you shave some weight. Tubeless tires and rims weigh much less than tubular tires and the rims used. Therefore, if you are a racer or an avid mountain biker, a tubeless tire is an ideal choice. The reason why you need to shave the weight of the tires and tubes instead of the weight of the seat/frame is that of rotational mass. To accelerate a heavier wheel requires more energy and this means you will get very tired in the long run because you will accelerate and brake regularly.

As a mountain biker, you will improve your riding experience if you choose tubeless tires. Your ride will be smoother, faster and easier because you will be able to ride on a lower tire pressure which helps you reduce rolling resistance. This does not mean that tubeless tires do not fail. For instance, the rim may fail to sit properly on the tire when you encounter a big obstacle or experience a large puncture while riding. However, with a tubeless system, you can fix these problems with ease and in a short period of time and ride away.

What are the best tasting whey protein powders

People often find it hard to make whey protein powders a consistent health habit. Yes, they understand its benefits, but the tastes pushed them away. Taste can be quite an incentive when it comes to whey powder. Luckily, these days you can easily get the best tasting whey protein if you look around. To read more about this please click here.

Here we have taken the input we get from customers, includes a little bit of research to answer the most asked question out there ‘What are the best tasting whey protein powders?’, Yes, you just need to look around or experiment one brand after the other, just pick one of these brands.

Optimum nutrition gold standard

This is probably one of the most popular protein powders in the market. It is a mix of whey protein isolate and concentrates and your body can absorb it easily. You do not need an electric blender or a shaker, all you need to do is add a scoop to your glass and simply stir it; it that simple, it’s tasty and very nutritious. It particularly contains glutamine which helps in healthy gut function and BCCA which allows your body to recover more quickly when exposed to an intense workout.

Myprotein Impact whey protein

Myprotein impact is one of the few whey proteins that does not come with a traditional container, but its taste and nutrition benefits exceed most products in the market. This is a low-fat whey protein concentrate and contains over 80% protein which is around 21 grams per serving. It is also mixed with protein concentrate which makes it easier to absorb. Do not pick the unflavored version, because it can be quite unfavorable.

Natural Force Organic Whey protein

If you prefer tasty organic whey protein, this could be your perfect pick. It has no artificial ingredient, and it is sourced from heritage breed cows. It is great for building lean muscle and can serve as a replacement for your meal. The manufacturer has only included four ingredients in all flavors and three are natural flavors each one tasting good. If this is not a good enough reason to purchase this brand, get this! ; it comes with a BPA free post recycle containers.

BSN Syntha-6

This is one of the best tasting whey proteins in the market right now. It is made with an exclusive flavor technology. What’s more? It comes with 14 different flavors and all flavors from our customers have had positive reviews. Consider the vanilla ice cream flavor it’s the best tasting among other flavors.

Getting protein on a daily basis is important, and nothing should prevent you from sticking from this healthy habit, especially not the taste. The above whey protein is the best tasting, but there are a couple of other out there. Whatever the pick, make sure it is nutritious and one that won’t clump up in your protein shaker. Look for the flavored option, but it is also important to know that each comes with its set of a drawback when not used properly.

What is a Spincast Reel

The spin casting reel was invented in an attempt to unite the best functions of spinning and baitcasting reels in a single reel, thus the name spincasting. Even the spin caster casts easily and can cast lures. However, because of the nose-cover, it has more lineup friction, and this also may make the casting space less than that of turning reels. You can use the button, but it is quite a bit less sensitive compared to actually touching the line just like you possibly can with the other sorts of reels. The spin caster sits on the surface of the rod and also can be reclined just like a bait caster, however nevertheless, it cannot handle heavy line fishing almost any better compared to a spinning reel, so you don’t have the benefit of hauling fish out of cover just like you do with a bait caster. But, the spin casting reel is still the most well-known reel type among fishing duffers because it has one really fantastic characteristic. It is entirely the easiest form of reel to master how to use.

Advantages of Spincast Reel

The ideal feature of a spincast reel is its own versatility. This really is the reason majority of anglers are fond of the reel. Using a range of tackles at a reel is possible. Moreover, it is also compatible with baits and artificial lures. You will have to attract out the burden of this fishing line for this sort of reel. For that reason, they are of use on gentle tackling.

Also, backlashes aren’t typical for this particular reel. They are user-friendly, which is perfect for a weekend fishing vacation. Also, you should not underestimate its casting distance. In fact, skilled anglers could cast this in lawns!

The early layouts of reels are somehow light. This was intended that they can maintain using castings. For light fishing applications, such a structure is the very best.


The Pros and Cons of Pre Workout Supplements

As you approach the age of 50, you start feeling less energetic and you begin to notice that it is more and more difficult to gain muscle mass and to maintain it. Am I right? I am absolutely sure that I am right. The good news is that more and more people have interest in a healthy life, with everything that this means, including regular exercise and a healthy diet. This applies even to elderly people approaching the third age or people who already hit the third age level. As mentioned above, the only problem for these people is that in spite of their will and dedication to regular exercising, they begin to realize that it is difficult for them to sustain intense workouts and to maintain their muscle mass. As a result of this, these people begin to use pre-workout supplements.

While we sustain and recommend the use of pre-workout supplements, we believe that not all the products now on the market represent a wise choice, which we think that it is important for you to learn more about the pros and cons of these products. Thanks to this, it will be much easier for you to learn how to stay away from the products that can harm you instead of helping you. So, here’s a short list of pros and cons associated with these products.


  • You will get more energy for intense workout routines and you’ll be able to easier sustain your current workouts.
  • You will enjoy increased workout performance and efficiency.
  • You will become more alert, which means that you will enjoy increased concentration and focus at the gym.


  • Some of these products can contain dangerous, artificial ingredients.
  • You might experience overstimulation. This appears especially when you don’t pay enough attention to the dose that you use or when you simply choose not to respect the recommended dose.
  • Yes, some pre-workout supplements can be associated with dehydration as they act as diuretics.

As you can see, there are both advantages and disadvantages associated with the use of pre-workout supplements. As long as you pay a little attention to the products that you decide to use and opt for a natural one, then the disadvantages will not appear. All you need is a little help with picking pre-workout for men over 50, so please visit the official The Workout Nut website and let the professionals guide you. The Workout Nut is the place where you will find useful tips and tricks on how to choose one of the best, natural pre-workout supplements for men over 50, so please don’t waste time anymore and check it out. I know for sure that you will be thrilled with the choice suggested by these professionals simply because their recommendations are basically some of the best products now on the market. They helped thousands of people before you, people who are now very pleased with the choices they made so they can help you as well. All you have to do is to allow them to do this.

How Should Golf Shoes Fit

When a person is buying golf shoes, they want to make sure they are a good fit. There are some tips to help a person find golf shoes that will fit properly.

Shop at the End of the Day

The size of the foot changes slightly throughout the day. In order to find shoes that fit comfortably a person should shop for golf shoes at the end of the day. This is when the feet are the largest. It is important that the golf shoes fit comfortably so a person should get golf shoes when they have been on their feet all day.


It is important to make sure the golf shoe is made from a material that will move with the foot. The upper part of the golf shoes should be soft and the material should be flexible as well. This will allow the shoe to move with the foot. If the golf shoe is made from leather, it will help reduce the irritation on the foot. The soles should be solid to help prevent a golfer from slipping. The shoe should also have thick soles which will make it easier for a person walking on a hard surface.


Many people do not look at the laces when purchasing shoes but when purchasing the golf shoes it is important to pay attention to the laces. There should be a 5/8 inch space between the eyelets after the shoes have been tied. If there is more space than this the shoe is going to be too narrow to provide a proper fit. If there is less space than this the shoe is too wide.

Overall Appearance

The shoe space that is between the toe and the laces should not smooth. If the shoe has any ripples when it is tired or if it bunches up, it is not a good fit. If there are ripples this does not mean there is enough room to adjust as the foot moves around.

Toe Room

The shoe should have some extra room in the toe. If a person cannot wiggle their toes around when wearing the golf shoe this is a sign that it is too tight and the shoes are too small. There should be around a half of an inch between the top of the big toe and the end of the shoe. This will allow a person to get into the different positions to swing the golf club without worrying about the comfort of their shoe.

Mid Foot

The golf shoe should not be too tight in the midfoot but it should be secure. The shoe should hold the foot in place when a person swings but should not cause pain.

These are some things to look for when purchasing a golf shoe. It is important that the shoe fit well so that movement on the golf course is not restricted. These tips can help a person find a pair of golf shoes that will fit them correctly and will be comfortable on the golf course.

Benefits of Pressure Washing

Our homes carry years of dirt and stains as evidence of our residence. There is no way our homes can remain in perfect condition without a bit of help. We have all experienced the back breaking torture of bending for hours scrubbing the floors, deck or the exterior walls of our home. Search no more, pressure washing is exactly what you need.

A pressure washer is a portable cleaning device that directs the water forcefully through a nozzle to clean surfaces. One of the best brands is the Ironton pressure washer; the Ironton pressure washer is a great budget option which will get the job done!

Pressure washing is one of the best deep cleaning methods available, here are the benefits of using a pressure washer.

Preventative Maintenance

Pressure cleaning at least once a year will remove mildew and grime from the house’s exterior and save you tons of money on replacing rotten wood and protect your house from premature aging.

Save Time

Compared to more traditional hand and brush cleaning method, pressure cleaning cuts down on time drastically. Instead of bending and stretching to clean those hard to reach places, you just point the nozzle and spray. A task that would have taken nearly half a day will be quicker than ever with a pressure cleaner.

Boost Curb Appeal

Thoroughly cleaning your home’s exterior will make it look newer and more appealing. In case you want to sell your home, ensuring it has curb appeal is crucial. Curb appeal is simply the presentation of the home. Pressure washing can ensure you present the best “face” of your home. Pressure washing unattractive mildew and dirt from the exterior will draw more interested buyers because it looks new and well maintained.

Environmentally Friendly

Usually heavy-duty cleaning is associated with harmful chemicals. However, pressure cleaning does not introduce harmful chemicals into the environment. Pressure washing only uses water blasted at a high velocity and that force is enough to lift stains and mildew from the surfaces without any chemical agent. The no chemical clean is one of the best traits of pressure washing.

Pressure cleaning uses water yes, however it uses less water than a garden hose doing the same job. Due to the high pressure being used to expel the water, less water is used to do more. \how great is that? Pressure washing is great for your home and the environment!


Traditional cleaning at this level of intensity would take a lot of time, energy and physical strength. With pressure washing, you maintain an upright position and the water does the work for you. Something that would have taken hours of scrubbing now can take a few minutes.

Pressure washing is versatile, user friendly and environmentally friendly.

Why waste your time or energy scrubbing hard to reach places when a pressure washer can do the work for you more efficiently than you ever could.

A pressure washer is an investment that will save you and can possibly help make you more money if you decide to sell your house. So invest in a pressure washer, your home will thank you!

Ontario Black Bird SK-5 Knife Review

Reviewing the Main Features of the Ontario Black Bird SK-5 Knife.

The knife is made of quality steel and was first manufactured in the United States. Some of the characteristics that make the equipment unique are toughness, sharpness, and resistance against corrosion. Click here to find out more about this

This article will focus on some of the key features in the Ontario Black Bird SK-5 Knife review. The tool has a blade with a 0.13-inch thickness. It also contains a full-taper grind. It has a quality handle which ensures the comfort of the users. The handle of the equipment is attached to its tang using Allen screws. Its MOLLE compatible sheath comes with a rigid protective insert. The blade is 5 inches long and 0.13 inches thick while the knife’s overall length is 10 inches. The 8.4 oz. is the weight of the knife and this makes it perfect for use by most people. It is an important tool to add to your survival collection. Some of the features that experts recommend the users to consider when buying equipment for use in survival situations include having a fixed blade, a full tang, tip points, and a strong pommel. These features enable you to perform a wide range of activities such as processing wood, animals, and batoning.

The knife can become a good self-defense tool even against bigger animals such as boars when attached to a long stick to give it a spear look. It was a creation of Paul Sheiter. It has a simple design and this facilitates its functionality. The sheath of the SK-5 is made of tan Nylon. Some people prefer to buy new sheath depending on the nature of their work. One of the main features that sets out the knife from the others is balance in its blade. Over the years, Ontario has introduced new designs of the handles that meet the changing customer needs. Some of the older versions of the knife have Micarta handles. Recently, the manufacturer introduced the G10 handle slabs.

The SK-5 has a finger guard near its blade. The sheath of the knife has a felt liner and MOLLE or PALS strap to enable you to insert it in your bag pack or vest. The knife is also designed to facilitate drainage as it has webbing on the front of its sheath. The knife is lighter than some of the other similar products in the market and is popular due to its ease of use. The tool is light due to its full flat grind. With the length of the blade, users can easily perform various tasks. When you are undertaking outdoor activities, you can carry it with you as it is highly portable. The SK-5 ensures comfort in the hand of the user due to its flat sides and hence can use it for many hours. Some of the most common stones used in profiling the SK-5 include the DMT diamond stones. One of the cons of the equipment is that it may take a significant amount of time to re-profile it.

Why You Should Use a Holster

You may have seeing gang guys bouncing around without holsters, same as most people in the movies who simply tuck the guns under their belts and it has no issue for them, right? Holsters are expensive and seem to slow you down when you want to shoot, right? That’s never the case and should not be a justification for you not to house your gun in a holster. Ask from the NFL wide receiver serving prison statement guilty for possessing a firearm that discharged after it accidentally slept out of its hiding place. This way you can get the picture of what you will lose when you carry around your weapon in your pants without a holster. You will lose your weapon first, your freedom and friends!

Holsters help to maintain your gun in one position, the same position you put it. You would not need to touch around to find where it has moved to when you want to use it. So it ensures that your drawing is consistent, and your feel too. Look at it this way, if your gun shifts its position in the waist, pocket or under your belt, how sure do you know you are supposed to hold it for you to hold the right part? Of course you will use guesswork, you might get bad and it can get worse when your adrenaline is activated in those emergency moments. You might end up pressing the trigger and imagine what that will fire when your gun is someone in your waistband. Ouch!

People have objections, let’s see what they say

Holsters are costly – Yes they can be quite expensive. However, there are many options in the market made from different materials, leather, kydex, fabric or plastic.  As they vary in the materials used to make them, they also vary in their prices. There are holsters meant for the hip, ankle, belt, shoulder, or cross draw. Many people prefer the waist holsters and this post can help you know why.  There is more information online about the other types as well, or you can just ask around.

Holsters make drawing the gun slow- I have not heard any competition shooters complain about this, about holsters reducing their chances of winning the trophy. So this one too, is overruled.

Holsters can get uncomfortable- well, maybe be, just a little but anyway, carrying a gun has never felt comfortable, it is just comforting with the idea that you are safer. Use a holster that fits your clothes style and the design of your gun and all will get better.

I can’t access the holster when sitting- this is valid, but must it be around your waist? If most of the time you are sitting, you can opt for the ankle or shoulder holster. When you are wearing a seatbelt, you can find difficulties of reaching a holster that around your hips.

All this objections are actually mere excuses. Bottom-line, carrying a gun without a holster is an unnecessary risk.

The Safest Way to Use Hair Removal Cream

Do have allergic reactions when apply a certain hair removal cream? If your answer is yes, then you need to understand how to use a hair removal cream. There are many people that believe using a hair removal cream is easy. According to them, you will just get some considerable amount of this cream and apply it to the place where you want. This sounds very easy, right? There are some certain measures that you should follow if you want to avoid experiencing certain problems.

It is important to note that everyone has a unique type of skin. There are those that have a skin that is more sensitive than others. There are some hair removal creams that are composed of chemicals that can cause irritation to people that have a sensitive skin. It is advisable to first apply the hair removal cream on a small area of the skin in your arm. Observe the reaction of your skin to the cream after 24 hours. You can apply the cream on a larger area if your skin does not show any signs of irritation or rashes. This is the best way to check if the cream is suitable for skin. You can also get yourself a cream for removing genital hair effectively here.

Most brands of hair removal cream come with a set of instruction that is attached on the packaging. You should read these instructions before you start using them. It is important to note that some hair removal creams are manufactured to be used on specific areas of the body. You can also find one that can be used on multiple body parts. Most of the instructions that are on the packaging will guide you on how and when to apply the hair removal cream. You should take note of other details such as ingredients and expiry date. Make sure you store the product as instructed.

Do not apply a hair removal cream on a skin that has bruises, cuts or open wounds. The wounds on your body will react negatively to the chemicals that are present in the cream. This can lead to irritation or maybe even worse.

You need to be extra careful when applying the hair removal cream close to your mouth and eyes. These two parts of your body are very sensitive and will be affected by the chemicals present in the cream. Your sight can be effected if you apply it accidentally in your eyes. You might vomit or go through some stomach upset if you swallow this cream. You should wash the area around your mouth or eyes thoroughly immediately after applying the cream wrongly. Seek the help of a doctor if the pain you are experiencing gets worse and last for more than a day.

Wash your skin with warm water and soap before you start applying the hair removal cream. It is wrong to apply the cream on a skin that has dirt and oil. The hair removal cream will be able to penetrate through a clean skin efficiently and disband the hair after opening up the pores.

Choose the Best Air Purifier

Air purifiers have gained increased attention in the last few years and what is interesting is that most of those who buy an air purifier do it because they have an odor issue.  Indoor odors can originate from all sorts of materials, both man made and organic and some of them can be really bad. Of course that a bad smell in the house reduces the comfort and the life quality inside the house, so it is absolutely a wise idea to use an air purifier in order to get rid of it. Even though there is a huge list of sources generating bad smells in a house, here are some of the most common ones: dogs, cats, garbage, cooking strong foods all the time, a smelly basement which causes issues upstairs as well, old homes and construction materials and moldy surfaces. As already mentioned, these are just some of the most common sources of bad smells in a house but the list is much longer. If you are dealing with such a problem and don’t know how to solve it, then you might want to have a closer look at the types of air purifiers now available on the market.

Have you checked the market already but the selection available is too diverse and you feel a bit confused? Well, if you’re not sure, there are experts such as the professionals at A Fresher Home who are more than happy to guide you towards a wise investment. Here are some of their top picks:

  • GermGuardian AC4825- This is one of the most popular types of air purifiers now on the market, an easy to use one that brings good value for how much it costs. This air purifier has a great performance and most of those who already bought it are happy with the investment; I think that this makes it clear that this air purifier is a great choice. It will impress you with a simple, 3-speed fan, it has a great filtering performance, it has a filter replacement reminder and a germ and microbe killing UV feature which cannot be found in many models.
  • Levoit LV-H132- If you want an air purifier to help you get rid of bad smells, then this is the best choice you can make. This air purifier is highly reliable, it has electronic soft button controls, an easy filter replacement with reminder and a quiet operation which won’t disturb your sleep, so you’ll be able to use it nonstop.

The experts at A Fresher Home have other recommendations available, so all you need to do is to check out their official website and read the reviews that they put at your disposal. All their reviews are highly detailed, so you’ll be able to make an informed decision that you will not regret. A lot of people have purchased air purifiers after following the guidance of the experts at A Fresher Home so follow their example and do the same. I know that you will be happy with the investment.