Affordable Baby Food Makers

At the time when babies reach the age from four to six months, they are already to take in or consume solid food and not just milk. Such is important in order to fulfill the required nutrients that they need as they are already growing. However, since they are just beginning to eat, it is very important to understand that food should be slowly introduced. Thus, baby food should be easy to consume and soft enough to be digested. Although there are already a lot of commercial baby food, making baby food at home is always the best option.

Homemade baby food assures the parent that the baby is eating something that is chemical-free, as well as fresh and clean. In fact, some commercially produced baby food had been recalled in the past by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before because toxic compounds that have been detected. With homemade baby food, parents will have the opportunity to select the ingredient and source of their baby’s food. Similarly, they are also assured that the food is prepared in a clean manner. The only problem that many parents face is that preparing baby food at home is quite tedious and time-consuming as compared to the buying a commercial one.

The good news is that there are already baby food makers that make the mashing and pureeing techniques simpler and faster. Another great thing is that they no longer have to spend too much on such products since they can find affordable ones that are also good when it comes to quality. The Magic Bullet Baby Care System is one of the baby food makers that cost less than $100. The product comes with six storage cups that have dial dates. Thus, parents can prepare food for each day of the week without forgetting when the food will expire. Apart from that, the electrical system of the item is built by following the North American Electrical Standards.

A multi-functional baby food maker that is also affordable, which is less than $50, is the Infantino Squeeze Station. Such can be used for making purees, smoothies, yogurt, and semi-solid baby food. The standout feature of this product is that it is made from a material that is free from BPA and phthalate materials. It also comes with 10 pouches that can be used to store the product created. However, it should be noted that big chunks of ingredients tend to get stuck in the tubes of the product. Thus, when using solid ingredients, parents should slice them into small pieces.

The Nuby Garden Fresh Mighty Blender is also a good product that is sold at less than $50. The best feature of this two-bladed product is that it can be adjusted based on the weaning stage of the baby. The first one is for creating purees, the second for chunkier dishes or textures, and the third for preparing small baby meals. Another is that the product also comes with a basket steamer that allows users to steam vegetables and fruits in their microwaves. Individuals who are interested on the mentioned products are recommended to visit


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