5 Easy Steps to Thread a Brother Sewing Machine

Those who are into making crafts and sewing already know that one of the most reliable brands of sewing machines available today in the market is Brother. They are known in the industry for producing quality machines and equipment.

Although some people may think that this is not a big deal, it still helps you produce the best quality items you can make. This article can help peopleĀ learn how to thread a Brother sewing machine.

Step by Step Process of How to Thread a Brother Sewing Machine

Some people may think that threading a sewing machine is extremely difficult. But with the right guide, people can surely do it easily. It is best to learn first the different types of needles before getting worked up and excited. In a Brother Sewing Machine, it is very important that one invests in a sewing machine that has needle lighting in order for them to easily thread the sewing machine.

  1. Position the Needle

There is a need to position the needle in its right place. If the needle is not visible in just one look, there is a need for the user to move its wheel and rotate it. It will help lift the needle up above the cloth which makes it highly visible to the thread.

  1. Look for the Bobbin and Load it Up

A bobbin is shaped like a cone where a pool of thread is usually rolled in, except that a bobbin is an empty cone. It is usually found at the compartment of the sewing machine. After you have found the bobbin, load it up with the thread you are going to use.

  1. Getting the Tension Right

Next step is to look for that metal loop. This is found on the side of the sewing machine. What you need to do is to wind the thread through the tension loop to make sure that when sewing, it gives neat and well-done stitches rather than a tangled one.

  1. Pull the needle to the Needle

You need to look for the end of the thread again and gently pull it so it reaches the needle. If you are already familiar with the needle you are using, you will notice that at the tip of the needle, there is a hole. That small hole is where you need to insert your thread. But when doing this, you need to make sure that you leave an allowance on the other side for about 1 inch.

  1. Lower down the Needle

Once you have successfully insert the thread through that small hole and have secured an allowance for about an inch, you need to again re-adjust the placement of the needle through rotating the wheel of the sewing machine. Once you have successfully rotated the wheel, you will hear a click which means that you may start sewing.

With these easy steps, people will surely find it easy next time to thread a Brother sewing machine. It may be hard in the beginning, but always remember that practice is what you need.