Month: April 2020

How to Achieve the Perfect Fit for Your Dress Pants?

Getting the perfect fit for your everyday clothes is an awesome way to ensure that you can “slay” your look every time.

If you’ve worn something that seems uncomfortable because it doesn’t fit you perfectly, then you probably know why the right measurements are essential.

However, the right fit can be tricky on men’s pants. In fact, you’d rarely get compliments for wearing the appropriate trousers.

While it’s true that it’s not the main focus, it still needs to be given thought and attention.

Below are some tips that you can follow to achieve perfectly-fitting pants.

How to determine accurate trouser measurements?

When you’re shopping for pants, you MUST know your measurement. Well, you don’t expect the sales assistant to know your exact measurement at one glance, right?

There are two major things that you should remember whenever you’re buying slacks of any kind: inseam and waist measurements.

Remember that you’d need to take those measurements not only once in your life because there might be changes.

Fortunately, some stores are equipped with measuring strips just in case you’re unsure of your inseam and waist length. But still, it’s advised that you take note of your measurements for convenience.

Those two are the basics for your pants measurement — pleats, cuffs, and materials closely relate to those two.

Dress Pants Waist Measurement

Your trousers should be worn above your hipbones — below or at the navel.

Although most men today do not wear their dress pants on their normal waists, tailors still see to it that they take the right waist measurements.

The natural waist is the horizontal line that crosses through your navel and it is the smallest torso measurement.

The waistband can be a bit lower than your natural waist but if possible try not to wear it too low — doing so might decrease the overall formality of your suit.

Moreover, you might want to remember that dress suits are usually tucked into the pants which mean that it might a quarter half of an inch to your waist length.

Tip: If you have a broad frame, try wearing your pants at your waist for a slimming effect.

Dress Pants Inseam Measurements

The inseam refers to the length of your pants.

It’s measured starting from your crotch’s underside to your ankle’s bottom side.

While outseam is measured from the top of your waist to the bottom of your leg — you’re not required to know the outseam measurements when buying a new pair of pants.

Wearing pants with correct inseam measurement can allow your trousers to fully cover your ankles. If it’s correctly measured, you can notice a small gap between the pants and the shoe but it won’t show your socks.

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