Month: August 2019

Top 4 Floor Jack Problems and their Solutions

A floor jack is one of the common tools that you can find in most garages or car shops; in fact, it is one of the most essential tools as it can lift vehicles such as cars when it is time to change tire or repair car’s undercarriage.

Most floor jacks today are easy and safe to use; however, there are inevitable times that these tools get jammed or damaged due to multiple reasons. If you are new to automotive works, you should take note of these top 4-floor jack problems that you might encounter, which are listed together with their solutions.

1. The floor jack can’t lift a weight

When a floor jack can’t lift a weight that means it cannot lift any object of any weight, even though it is built to do so. The common reason why a floor jack can’t lift a weight is due to the jack’s inability to hold the pressure when lifting any type of vehicle.

Diving into the main reason why floor jack can’t hold pressure is a result of trapped air inside the floor jack; however, that is just one of many reasons. Thus, to fix floor jack that won’t hold pressure, the following are its solution:

  • Check the entire jack and find the main problem why the tool can’t lift the weight.
  • Remove the air from the jack as it might trap some air, preventing the jack from lifting the weight.
  • Do not overload the jack; consider its capacity.
  • Do not forget to check the level of the hydraulic oil; the jack might have a low level of hydraulic oil or maybe overfilling it.
  • Check the release valve; the release valve might be placed tight or loose, so check it.
  • Apply lubricant or oil to the moving parts; some parts may have rust that results in the inability to move it.

2. The overload valve was accidentally opened

There are inevitable scenarios that overload valve gets accidentally opened; overload valve is constructed as a security feature that prevents the floor jack from functioning if the tool is forced to lift objects that are over its weight capacity. If the overload valve is accidentally opened it may cause damage to the overall floor jack function. If this happens, all you need to do is to seek help from a hydraulic jack expert because if you try turning the valve back at a wrong direction, it may cause problems on the tension spring, which could impact the overall floor jack’s function.

3. The wheels aren’t working properly

This happens most of the time; this is often a result of rust. To make this work, all you need to do is use lubricating oil, which helps in reducing friction.

4. The floor jack is leaking oil

The probable cause of oil leakage is damage to the oil chamber or reservoir that is located inside the floor jack, which is often a result of wear and tear. If you encounter such floor jack problem you need to inspect the oil chamber first before theorizing that the oil leakage is caused by wear and tear. If you are certain about the cause of the problem, you have to change the O-rings in the floor jack and then start refilling the jack with the right hydraulic oil.

There are a lot of common issues on floor jack that you need to learn. To get additional details, try reading reliable posts like this at Auto Aid Outlet’s website.