Month: December 2018

Benefits of tubeless mountain bike tires

If you are an avid biker and you experience flat tires often, you should consider using tubeless tires. However, if you are riding on tubular tires and you would like to go tubeless, you will have to change either the tires you are using only or the whole set of wheels depending on the types of rims you already have. Although tubeless tires are not immune from flats completely, they are more resistant than regular tires.

Most mountain bikers are now preferring tubeless tires because they have numerous benefits when compared to regular tires especially when driving off-road for a long period of time. Benefits of tubeless mountain bike tires include the following:

Get better traction

One of the main objective when riding a mountain bike is to keep the tire on the ground as much as possible. To achieve this, you mainly rely on suspension although tire pressure plays a key role. In a tubeless tire, you can run on a lower tire pressure thus maintaining more ground contact. The tire will wrap around objects instead of moving up or sideways. With a better traction, you will lose less forward momentum and ride faster over obstacles when mountain biking.

Eliminate pinch flats

When riding on tubeless tires, you don’t have to worry about pinch flats because the tires do not have a tube to be pinched. Even though you will have a tubeless tire, you can have a flat but the chances of happening are minimized. When installing the tire, you are supposed to use a sealant to have fewer flat tires. The sealant will seal small punctures or leaks without you noticing even when racing or riding on a rough road. However, when the puncture gets too big and the sealant can’t repair it, you will have to install a tube and use it as a tubular tire. Alternatively, you can use a pump to add more air as a short-term solution.

Shaves some weight

Although this should not be one of the main reasons why you choose tubeless tires, they can help you shave some weight. Tubeless tires and rims weigh much less than tubular tires and the rims used. Therefore, if you are a racer or an avid mountain biker, a tubeless tire is an ideal choice. The reason why you need to shave the weight of the tires and tubes instead of the weight of the seat/frame is that of rotational mass. To accelerate a heavier wheel requires more energy and this means you will get very tired in the long run because you will accelerate and brake regularly.

As a mountain biker, you will improve your riding experience if you choose tubeless tires. Your ride will be smoother, faster and easier because you will be able to ride on a lower tire pressure which helps you reduce rolling resistance. This does not mean that tubeless tires do not fail. For instance, the rim may fail to sit properly on the tire when you encounter a big obstacle or experience a large puncture while riding. However, with a tubeless system, you can fix these problems with ease and in a short period of time and ride away.

What are the best tasting whey protein powders

People often find it hard to make whey protein powders a consistent health habit. Yes, they understand its benefits, but the tastes pushed them away. Taste can be quite an incentive when it comes to whey powder. Luckily, these days you can easily get the best tasting whey protein if you look around. To read more about this please click here.

Here we have taken the input we get from customers, includes a little bit of research to answer the most asked question out there ‘What are the best tasting whey protein powders?’, Yes, you just need to look around or experiment one brand after the other, just pick one of these brands.

Optimum nutrition gold standard

This is probably one of the most popular protein powders in the market. It is a mix of whey protein isolate and concentrates and your body can absorb it easily. You do not need an electric blender or a shaker, all you need to do is add a scoop to your glass and simply stir it; it that simple, it’s tasty and very nutritious. It particularly contains glutamine which helps in healthy gut function and BCCA which allows your body to recover more quickly when exposed to an intense workout.

Myprotein Impact whey protein

Myprotein impact is one of the few whey proteins that does not come with a traditional container, but its taste and nutrition benefits exceed most products in the market. This is a low-fat whey protein concentrate and contains over 80% protein which is around 21 grams per serving. It is also mixed with protein concentrate which makes it easier to absorb. Do not pick the unflavored version, because it can be quite unfavorable.

Natural Force Organic Whey protein

If you prefer tasty organic whey protein, this could be your perfect pick. It has no artificial ingredient, and it is sourced from heritage breed cows. It is great for building lean muscle and can serve as a replacement for your meal. The manufacturer has only included four ingredients in all flavors and three are natural flavors each one tasting good. If this is not a good enough reason to purchase this brand, get this! ; it comes with a BPA free post recycle containers.

BSN Syntha-6

This is one of the best tasting whey proteins in the market right now. It is made with an exclusive flavor technology. What’s more? It comes with 14 different flavors and all flavors from our customers have had positive reviews. Consider the vanilla ice cream flavor it’s the best tasting among other flavors.

Getting protein on a daily basis is important, and nothing should prevent you from sticking from this healthy habit, especially not the taste. The above whey protein is the best tasting, but there are a couple of other out there. Whatever the pick, make sure it is nutritious and one that won’t clump up in your protein shaker. Look for the flavored option, but it is also important to know that each comes with its set of a drawback when not used properly.

What is a Spincast Reel

The spin casting reel was invented in an attempt to unite the best functions of spinning and baitcasting reels in a single reel, thus the name spincasting. Even the spin caster casts easily and can cast lures. However, because of the nose-cover, it has more lineup friction, and this also may make the casting space less than that of turning reels. You can use the button, but it is quite a bit less sensitive compared to actually touching the line just like you possibly can with the other sorts of reels. The spin caster sits on the surface of the rod and also can be reclined just like a bait caster, however nevertheless, it cannot handle heavy line fishing almost any better compared to a spinning reel, so you don’t have the benefit of hauling fish out of cover just like you do with a bait caster. But, the spin casting reel is still the most well-known reel type among fishing duffers because it has one really fantastic characteristic. It is entirely the easiest form of reel to master how to use.

Advantages of Spincast Reel

The ideal feature of a spincast reel is its own versatility. This really is the reason majority of anglers are fond of the reel. Using a range of tackles at a reel is possible. Moreover, it is also compatible with baits and artificial lures. You will have to attract out the burden of this fishing line for this sort of reel. For that reason, they are of use on gentle tackling.

Also, backlashes aren’t typical for this particular reel. They are user-friendly, which is perfect for a weekend fishing vacation. Also, you should not underestimate its casting distance. In fact, skilled anglers could cast this in lawns!

The early layouts of reels are somehow light. This was intended that they can maintain using castings. For light fishing applications, such a structure is the very best.